The GOI, State Govt organised various programs to commemorate 150 years of the Mahatma

Shillong, Oct 02: To mark 150 years of the Mahatma, as a tribute to the Father of the Nation the GOI, different State Govt. are organising various programs to commemorate this special anniversary. Each State has been asked to take up a program or project that are in line with the teachings of Gandhi and to ensure that there is maximum public participation in these programs.

On this regard the Government of Meghalaya have decided to take up cleanliness and the issue of plastic pollution and link it with the larger subject of environmental degradation and preventive measures for a cleaner and pollution free environment.

That is why from the past few months we have initiated different programs to ensure cleaner and plastic free State.

The Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma also laud the efforts of the different cement companies that are partnering with the State of Meghalaya so that the State benefits through their various CSR activities.

Topcem and Dalmia cement plants have embarked on the initiative to turn plastic waste into fuel for their cement plants at the same time ensure that all the environmental standards are maintained.

The Government have also embarked on an initiative to use plastic in road construction and the Chief Minister  hope that we will be able to scale this up in the future Community participation is very important.

As a government crucial for us to look at the growth of the economy. There must be balance between economic development and environmental sustainability.That is the policy the government has envisaged.

The Mahatma and other freedom fighters fought hard through non violent means to secure our freedom. They fought with the spirit of sacrifice. People were ready to die for the freedom of their country That was the spirit they fought with.

Today we are fighting a different battle not for indpendence but for survival, we need to ensure that this environmemt and ecology is protected.The Chief Minister said, we  must realise that the environment is in a very fragile state if we don’t act now in another 5 or 10 years we may not be able to reverse the impact of climate change.

During the fight for independence we talked about dying for the country but now at this point after 72 years the slogan should be to living for the nation.

Let us come together and live for our country, our earth, by participating in all the activities that are important to our people, to our State and the environment. Let us take a pledge that we will live for our country, our State and our city.



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