The Govt appreciate the Concern of the KSU, but not possible to do PCR Test to all: Prestone

Shillong, May 05: The Deputy Chief Minister Mr Prestone Tynsong said that from the Meghalaya state Government appreciate the concern of the Khasi Students’ Union when they have raise about the Rapid Test Kits in the memorandum submitted to the Government.

The Deputy Chief Minister inform that the previous Rapid Test Kits received by the government has kept on hold as direction given by the ICMR, the Rapid Test Kits that they are testing at present is the new one which the ICMR has also allowed to use for testing.

On the point that the KSU raise that it should be done only PCR Test, the Deputy Chief Minister said this will not be possible, there is no country in the world or any State in India have done this. For Meghalaya with the population above 35 lakh will not be possible to do PCR test to every Citizens.

The PCR test is done only to those people who have show sign of symptom, if person does not show  any sign why should PCR test done it is not required. The entire test was conducted as per the guideline of the Ministry of health and Family Welfare  Government of India and World Health Organisation.

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