The HYC submitted three Point agenda to the DGP to fight against drugs in the state  

Shillong, May 27: The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) let by its President Mr. Roykupar Synrem met the Director General of Police Smti. Aidashisha Nongrang and submitted three point agenda  to fight against drugs abuse in the state.

In the representation the HYC pointed out that the State Police will work tirelessly towards providing a safe and secure Meghalaya and in particular to fight the menace of drugs abuse in the State as a whole.

The HYC urged for  strengthening the drug supply reduction strategy,  Selling and consuming of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances in the State of Meghalaya seems to be increasing day by day. And we are of the opinion that maximum quantities of these drugs are being supplied to the State from outside as can be evident from the seizures and interception made by the Police.

They firmly believe that if the law enforcement agencies could reduce the trafficking of these drugs into the State, the situations will improve drastically. We would like to suggest that the Police Department should adopt proper and more stringent strategy to reduce the supply of drugs into the State. We would also like to suggest that the State

Police, the Border Security Force and the Custom & Central Excise should conduct joint operations and share information on drugs by pooling in resources to effectively tackle the menace of drugs in the State as frequently as possible and also rope in the Village authorities in this effort. Regular checking should be conducted more frequently at the entry points to the State.

The investigation and prosecution of cases under ndps act, 1985, the NDPS Act, 1985 provides for stringent provisions for offences related to drugs abuse and trafficking. Despite the fact that major offences under the Act are non-bailable, it has been observed that in several cases the drug offenders secure acquittal on technical grounds.

A large number of offenders in NDPS cases are acquitted due to non-compliance of mandatory provisions and the prescribed procedure. The acquittals in serious offences particularly in NDPS cases create a sense of insecurity in the society and undermine the faith of the common man in the administration of criminal justice system.

Hence, it is incumbent upon the Investigating Agencies/Prosecutors to be well-versed in the compliances of mandatory provisions and the prescribed procedures and to discharge their assigned duties in a professional manner in order to achieve the desired objective of the law.

Therefore, to accomplish the purpose and objective of the Act and to ensure conviction of Offenders in NDPS cases, the enforcement agencies of the State are expected to know and adhere the provisions of the Act during investigation stage and also ensuring vigorous follow up during the prosecution stage.

The HYC of the opinion creating awareness on the provision of “receiving stolen property”,  Section 317 of The BharatiyaNyayaSanhita, 2023 (Repealing the Indian Penal Code, 1860), which shall come into force on 1st July, 2024 provides for the provisions relating ‘receiving or retaining’ any stolen property. During our

Interactions with the ‘drug users’ as well as their family members, we have come across many cases where the users in order to get money for buying drugs are forced to commit theft even from their homes or family members. These stolen Properties are then sold at take away prices to some persons.

So in order to create awareness about this particular provision of Law and to create a deterrent effect so as selling and buying of stolen properties, especially by drugs users, are not easy, we urged upon you to take necessary steps to inform the public about this Provision and the consequences of violating the same.

They hope and urged upon you as the head of the Police Department to consider our just and reasonable suggestions for the welfare of our State as a whole. The representation wa sign by the President Roykupar Synrem and General Secretary Mr.  Rhembor G. Saibon.



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