The JSU slams the MDCs of the JHADC for non payment of the staff salary for 7 month

Shillong, May 17: The JSU Central Body slams the MDCs of the JHADC especially the Executive Committee headed by CEM, Mr. Thombor Shiwat on its incompetent functioning and inability to realize its power to work autonomously.

Despite the fact that The JHADC is a constitutionally created autonomous body with powers granted as per the sixth schedule, the JHADC members seems to be operating as mere agents by seeking permission of the State Government or rather of the MLAs and State Ministers or seems to be just another department of the State Government as per the recent interview of CEM on the 1-05-2020.

In a time of COVID-19 Epidemic crisis, the inability of the JHADC to pay the salaries of the employees which has been pending for more than 7 months now, has led to doubts arising by the general public and employees of the council on the ability of the JHADC. “Should we blame the MLAs or the Ministers or the MDCs for this cash crunch?”

The JSU question, are the MDCs working for their own chair without having any thoughts for the welfare of the employees of the Council, are the MDCs not having any responsibility towards the welfare and to safeguard the customary rights of the Jaintia people as originally intended.

The JSU questions on the various scopes for funds via the management and control of forests, Trading by non tribals, Transit fees, Registrations, Lease of District Council Properties and Taxes. Why are not enough funds being realized.

Why are there insufficient funds collected via royalties, sale of produces, licenses, various fees and expenses, seizure values and fines or penalties.

The JHADC members seems to not have any working plan or strategies to convert the Councils assets for generating funds and thus are incompetent in managing the Council resources which now put the Council at risk.

“The Jaintia Students Union demands and seek answers from the current EC led by the CEM to the people of Jaintia Hills so that the general public is enlightened” said the JSU President Mr. Lawyerson War.

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