The KSU written to Meghalaya health minister on the Shillong medicinal college

Shillong, Sept 29: The Khasi Students Union (KSU) today has sent letter to the Meghalaya Health Minister Mr. James Sangma urging him to expedite the completion of Shillong Medical College.

In the letter the KSU the Education cell of the Khasi Students’ Union Central Executive council through this missive would like to highlights the Non-completion of the Shillong Medical college till date since its foundation in 2017 at Reid Chest hospital, Mawbah, Shillong.

The then led Government of Meghalaya and which was subsequently shifted to another site located at Umsawli, New Shillong is very disheartening and shows lack of commitment on the part of the Government.

The union had time and again repeatedly expressed its feeling of dejection and dismay over the slow and sluggish effort and urge for speedy completion of the afore mentioned Medical college.

The awarding of Development work of the Shillong Medical college to the Kolkata based firm, Kali Pradip Choudhuri (KPC) despite the firm possessing a tainted image in tax evasion in and outside the country.

The union had also recently apprised the then concerned Ministers of Health & Family Welfare of the need to revisit the agreement signed with the firm currently responsible for development work.

As cited in the above the union urges Health Minister for swift intervention to expedite the work for completion of the Shillong Medical college which would cater to the aspiration of the ever increasing no of students in the medical field, the letter was sign by Mr. Raymond Kharjana Chairman, Shinningstar Kharbihkhiew Vice Chairman and Reuben Najiar Secretary of the Education Cell.





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