The MJCTU&A will join the Country wide general strike call by the CTU on coming Thursday

Shillong, Nov 24: A One Day country wide General Strike call on 26th November,2020  given by the Central Trade Unions and Independent Service  Federations of the country from a 1st Virtual Trade Unions Convention held on 2nd October, 2020 against the Anti-Working Class policies of the Government of India.

In Meghalaya the Meghalaya Joint Council of Trade Unions & Associations( MJCTU&A) endorsing the above mentioned  One Day Strike General Strike, MJCTU&A  call  upon Employees & workers of Meghalaya  working in   different sectors to observe One Day General Strike on 26th November,2020  along with rest of the country to  achive thier demands.

The demand are for the immediate measure to control the staggering price rise of all commodities – Prices of all essential items have been soaring continuously. This must be checked immediately.

Thier should be Cash transfer of Rs 7500 per month for all non-income tax paying families, the  expansion of MGNREGA to provide 200 days’ work in a year in rural areas at enhanced wages; extension of employment guarantee to urban areas.

The Trade Union also demand that the central government should withdraw all anti farmer laws and anti-worker labour codes and ttop privatisation of public sector including the financial sector and stop corporatisation of Govt run manufacturing and service entities like Railways, Ordinance Factories, Ports etc.

The Trade Union also demaded that the central Government should withdraw the draconian circular on forced premature retirement of Government & PSU Employees and to provide Pension to all, scrap NPS and restore earlier Pension, improve EPS-95.

The Union Government should revive the Public Distribution System and bring more essential item under PDS. The trade union said that the demands of all individual unions and associations in government, public and private sectors must be given due importance and accepted.

The Union Government should gave zero % GST on Life-saving Drugs, said Dr.  M. N. Bhattacharjeepresident MJCTU&A and Mr. JL Das General secretary MJCTU&A.

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