The MLA from 17-Shillong North asked MeECL to change the time of loadshedding

Shillong, July 10: The MLA of 17-Shillong North Mr. Adelbert Nongrum said that It’s a matter of great concern that using the early morning load shedding , petty as well as hardened criminal elements in various parts of Meghalaya are taking undue advantage in committing crimes.

Indeed there is a direct correlation between early morning load shedding and rise in crime graph. It has become very urgent to change the time of loadshedding so that during the dark hours of the night, no criminal is encouraged to take advantage of the situation.
The MLA of 17- Shillong North propose change of timing instead from1 AM to 5 AM load shedding can be conducted between 4 AM to 7 AM and 12 noon to 1 pm . This is suggested keeping in mind that it would ease the situation such that criminals do not get any advantage.
As this is necessary in the larger public interest, the Government should correct the timing and it is incumbent upon the Government to bring down the crimes that happened in Meghalaya so far.

Moreover the People of the state are facing so much problem as most of the subject matter the general public are the Sufferers moreover even after attaining 50 years of statehood.

Therefore The voices of public need to be heard without any further to remind Government By the people OF the people and for the People.

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