The N.F Railway provides 1.3 lakh free meals to needy persons during lockdown

Maligaon, May 04: As part of the all-out effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, NFR is continuing with its humanitarian efforts of providing free meals to the poorer section of the society.

Normally these sections of the society lack various means to cope with the lockdown situation. These are in addition to supplement the health care initiatives of Government of India by in-house production of Masks and Hand Sanitizer.

In NFR areas, free cooked meals and uncooked rations were provided to about 1.3 lakhs needy people. As part of the mission to help the needy people, IRCTC provided nearly 45000 free meals till yesterday and other agencies provided about 85000 free meals to needy people in NFR area.

The needy which were distributed by RPF or other railway officials by maintaining social distancing even beyond the station vicinity to cater to the food requirements of needy people in areas surrounding the railway stations.

The global pandemic has created unprecedented situations leaving a large number of people vulnerable to hunger. Those worst hit by this pandemic and lockdown are stranded persons, daily wage labourers, migrants, coolies, homeless, the poor and many who form the floating population.

Distribution of food is being done with the help of RPF, commercial and other departments of Railways, State Governments, District administrations and NGOs, even beyond the station vicinity to cater to the food requirements of needy people in areas surrounding the railway stations.

On 03.05.2020, IRCTC in NFR and various other organizations and NGOs provided meals to more than 3500 persons at various places in N.F. Railway’s jurisdiction. While delivering the food to needy persons, social distancing and hygiene is being strictly observed to minimise the chance COVID-19 contamination.

Providing meals to needy persons residing nearby railway areas during this crucial period of nationwide lockdown is of great significance. Indian Railways is trying to ensure that no-one remains hungry due to lockdown.

Distribution of free hot cooked meals by Indian Railways reached nearly 35 lakhs mark today during the national lockdown due to COVID-19. On 20th April, 2020, Indian Railways reached 2 million marks in distribution of free meals, and on 30th April it crossed the 3 million mark in distribution of free meals.






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