The NGEA and the employees of GHADC they will not resume duties unless one year salary is paid

Shillong, May 6: The NGEA and the employees of the GHADC are very much firmed with their stand no matter what that they will never resume for their respective duties unless one year salary is pay to them at once in revised pay scale.

This is a responding to the warning letter issued to the NGEA and the agitating employees on 05.May 2021 by Newly Executive Committee through joint secretary to the GHADC.

This new EC is just old wine in new bottle the NGES don’t expect much positive response from this new EC to address our grievances. In responding to the warning letter issued to the employees yesterday they beg to state that threatening to terminate from our service, warning us to face the serious consequences is not first time that former EC and new EC of NPP had been doing to us.

This types of threatening, harassing of employees, conducting unnecessary enquiry against the employee is not something new, as previous EC also had been doing the same thing for past 5 years since from the time when the NPP had formed the EC in GHADC.

The previous EC have sufficiently harassed the employees by not paying our salaries for 34 months and they the treat the NGEA and employees like militant outfit just because they are demanding for their legal due salaries. The NGEA said let them not pay the salary for period of thier agitation.

The NGEA  have legal right to receive thier due salary for 34 months. They are not the employers they are just employees they are not responsible appointment of number of employees having fund or financial crises is not our look out it’s the authority to arranged the money and to clear our dues.

The NGEA also beg to state that On the last occasion Smti. Rikse R Marak had been informing to various media that due to the ongoing agitation there are huge loss of revenue to the tune of Rs.4 crore, in this respect the beg to clarified that hardly only for two months they have not attained for our duties and if during this two months of their agitation if there is huge loss of revenue tune to 4 crores.

The NGEA  asked Rikse R. Marak to clarify and explain to the NGEA and to the public what is the total revenue collection for 34 months at that time there was no agitation where is that money goes? What they have done if they don’t use it for payment of salary.

The NGEA alleged that Rikse R Marak is confused herself she is not clear what she is saying and what she is doing with the revenue of GHADC. Prior to our agitation she also informed to the media and to the public that monthly revenue collection of GHADC is only Rs.1.5 crore or but in contrary revenue of GHADC touch to 4 crore during the two months period of our agitation.

The NGEA and the employees of GHADC also like to asked Shri. Conrad K Sangma where is the 250 crore? during the election campaigned to GHADC Conrad K Sangma informed to the voters and public that voters should vote for the party which is in power in the state and telling to the people that it is the only NPP which is in power in the state can give financial assistance to the GHADC and surprisingly now NPP which is in power in the State is forming the EC so why Chief Minister is not willing to bail out the salary of the employees who had been suffering since for the past three years.

As per as our knowledge is concerned last year Central Govt. had released 91 crore and out of this amount 45 crore have release by the State Govt. to three ADC i.e KHADC. JKADC and GHADC last year in the month of December 2020 out of 45 crore GHADC had received 18.20 crore plus 46 crore are still pending in state Govt and required amount to pay for one year salary.

In revised pay scale is approximately only 60 Crore and if the new EC is genuine is resolving the problem and really concerned to pay our salary they can make use or adjust of the above mention amount and approximately only 21 to 22 crore are required to be arranged by the EC from other source.

The New EC have repeatedly invited us for talk and to negotiate and they have been responding to their called and have attained the meeting but instead of listing and trying to address our grievances new EC had been threatening us to face the serious consequences and dictating themto do and act what they want then what is the used of inviting us for talk if they only want us to do whatever they dictate them.

The employees of the GHADC they have waited for three years without salary how can we work without food new EC can’t expect the employees to render their service without giving proper food or without giving the dues to the employees.  Said Mr. Flaming B Marak joint Secretary NGEA in the press statement.







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