The NPP announced the name of 58 candidates for the upcoming MLA election in Meghalaya

Shillong, Jan 12: The National People’s Party today announced the name of the 58 candidates for the upcoming election in the State of Meghalaya at an election meeting titled – “Stronger Together” at Polo Grounds, Shillong.

National President Conrad K. Sangma in presence of National Vice President Prestone Tynsong, National Treasurer James K Sangma, MPs Agatha K. Sangma and Dr. W.R. Kharlukhi released the document titled “Promises Delivered” which highlights the promises made during the 2018 election and achievements of the NPP led Government in the State.

Speaking at the rally, which was attended by over 10000 plus crowd, Conrad said that in the last five years different political leaders have joined NPP, which demonstrates that NPP is growing stronger.

He said that many of the candidates, who were declared as party candidates for upcoming election, were not in the same stage in 2018 but in the last five years, they have become part of NPP’s growing family.

Welcoming all the candidates and leaders from different political parties, the NPP chief said that they have not joined the party for political gains but for the greater cause of serving the people of the State.

Recalling late Purno Agitok Sangma’s ideals and vision, NPP chief said that the party has served the state with a purpose in the last five years.

He informed that during NPP’s regime in the State of Meghalaya, the Government has ensured systematic planning and implementation of various programmes, which has ensured accelerated growth and development.

He said that various indices and growth projections have improved in the State in the last five years. He informed the gathering that Meghalaya has improved in various rankings be it in social sector or infrastructure development in the State.

“NPP led Government has initiated more development interventions for the State and its people in the last five years, compared to what was done in 50 years of Statehood,” the NPP chief said.

He said that the NPP led Government had the wisdom and the courage to take forward the discussion of inter-State border differences and take the issue to its logical conclusion. He also asserted that it is only the NPP which can resolve the border issue completely with Assam.

“If there is any political party that will ever find solution on the border issue, it will only be the NPP and I assure that given the opportunity in 2023, we will find solution and resolve the border issue, so that people in the State can live in peace, particularly those living in the border areas,” he added.

Terming the 2023 election as very crucial, Conrad said as the State goes for polls in the 51st year of Statehood, it is imperative that a party with a vision is given the opportunity to lead the State.

Asking each one to question themselves why the State needs a full majority government, the NPP chief said that this year will lay the foundation for the next 50 years and a full majority government will ensure that the dreams and aspirations of the people are taken forward.

“We as citizens of the State have to come together and repose our faith in NPP, which has proved to the people by fulfilling the promises in the last five years,” he said, while stressing that in the next 50 years every youth in the State will get opportunity to fulfil their dreams, every women will ensure a happy family, every farmers will ensure productivity, and all communities will live in peace,” the NPP chief said.

He further said that people of the State are eagerly waiting to vote as they want a strong government, a government that delivers. “I am sure that people will repose their faith in NPP once again to fulfil their dream for a new Meghalaya,” he added.

He said that NPP will ensure that people of the State and the region will look up to Meghalaya, as NPP has a vision to take the State forward in growth trajectory. “Nobody can look down on us and say that we are a small State. We will ensure that we become the model State and demonstrate our positive stories to the rest of the country,” he said.

At least 10 candidates from different political parties including Congress and TMC have joined the NPP, whose names have been declared as party candidates from different constituencies of the State.



Sl.No. Name of Constituency Name of Candidate Phone Number
1 1 Nartiang (ST) LAC Shri Sniawbhalang Dhar +919612161224
2 2 Jowai (ST) LAC Shri Wailadmiki Shylla +918787616751


3 3 Raliang (ST) LAC Shri Comingone Ymbon +919612171335
4 4 Mowkaiaw (ST) LAC Shri Habahun Dhar +919862693279
5 5 Saipung Sutnga (ST) LAC Smti Santa Mary Shylla +916009371383
6 6 Khliehriat(ST) LAC Shri Nehlang Lyngdoh +917005844754
7 7 Amlarem (ST) LAC Shri Stephanson Mukhim +917628020005
8 8 Mawhati (ST) LAC Shri Shemphang Lyngdoh +919774003555
9 9 Nongpoh (ST) LAC Smti Macdalyne Sawkmie Mawlong +918974370323
10 10 Jirang (ST) LAC Shri Sosthenes Sohtun +919366513236
11 11 Umsning (ST) LAC Shri Jason Sawkmie Mawlong +919774009321
12 12 Umroi (ST) LAC Shri Damanbait Lamare +917085859591
13 13 Mawryngkneng (ST) LAC Shri Pyniaid Sing Syiem +919774012277
14 14 Pynthorumkhrah (ST) LAC Shri Rocky Hek +917005390150
15 15 Mawlai (ST) LAC Shri Teibor Pathaw +919366203802
16 16 East Shillong Dr. M. Ampareen Lyngdoh +918787823934
17 17 North Shillong Shri Ransom Sutnga +918257920588
18 18 West Shillong Shri Mohendro Rapsang +919436105368


19 19 South Shillong
20 20 Mylliem (ST) LAC Shri Hamletson Dohling +919436205225



Sl.No. Name of Constituency Name of Candidate Phone Number
21 21 Nongthymmai (ST) LAC Dr. Jasmine Lyngdoh +919436307269
22 22 Nongkrem (ST) LAC Shri Dasakhiatbha Lamare +917085059772
23 23 Sohiong (ST) LAC Shri Samlin Malngiang +919402316439
24 24 Mawphlang (ST) LAC Shri Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem +918974007724
25 25 Mawsynram (ST) LAC Shri Alvin K. Sawkmie +917085022121
26 26 Shella (ST) LAC Smti Grace Mary Kharpuri +919366577219
27 27 Pynursla (ST) LAC Shri Prestone Tynsong +919862570164
28 28 Sohra (ST) LAC Shri Alan West +919856131945
29 29 Mawkynrew (ST) LAC Shri Kansing Lyngshiang +917005765798
30 30 Mairang (ST) LAC
31 31 Mawthadraishan (ST) LAC Smti Biolinda Lyngdoh Nonglait +917005203245
32 32 Nongstoin (ST) LAC Shri Macmillan Byrsat +917005651384
33 33 Rambrai Jyrngam (ST) LAC Shri Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang +919774001688
34 34 Mawshynrut (ST) LAC Shri Gigur Marthong +917005503867
35 35 Ranikor (ST) LAC Shri Martin M. Danggo +919856022235
36 36 Mawkyrwat (ST) LAC Shri H. Stalyne Diengdoh +919774146298


37 37 Kharkutta (ST) LAC Shri Rupert M. Momin +917002528663
38 38 Mendipathar (ST) LAC Shri Marthon J. Sangma +918415922060
39 39 Resubelpara (ST) LAC Shri Timothy D. Shira +918837486645
40 40 Bajengdoba (ST) LAC Shri Pongseng R. Marak +918974169392






Sl.No. Name of Constituency Name of Candidate Phone Number
41 41 Songsak (ST) LAC Shri Nihim D. Shira +918787726755
42 42 Rongjeng (ST) LAC Shri Jim M. Sangma +918837415433
43 43 Williamnagar (ST) LAC Shri Marchise N. Marak +917628834663
44 44 Raksamgre (ST) LAC Shri Limison D. Sangma +919436993939


45 45 Tikrikilla (ST) LAC Shri Jimmy D. Sangma +918787682018
46 46 Phulbari Shri Abu Taher Mondal +919612001812
47 47 Rajabala Shri Abdus Saleh +919436117053


48 48 Selsella (ST) LAC Shri Arbinstone Marak +919366029883
49 49 Dadenggre (ST) LAC Shri James P.K.Sangma +919862050810
50 50 North Tura (ST) LAC Shri Thomas A. Sangma +916003167563
51 51 South Tura (ST) LAC Shri Conrad K. Sangma +919856001009
52 52 Rangsakona (ST) LAC Shri Subir Marak +918787779500


53 53 Ampati (ST) LAC Shri Stevie M. Marak +918787818394
54 54 Mahendraganj (ST) LAC Shri Sanjay A. Sangma +917085140052
55 55 Salmanpara (ST) LAC Shri Ian Botham K. Sangma +919089802025
56 56 Gambegre (ST) LAC Shri Rakesh A. Sangma +919862701192


57 57 Dalu (ST) LAC Shri Brening A. Sangma +919436111915


58 58 Rongara Siju (ST) LAC Shri Rakkam A. Sangma +918731888946
59 59 Chokpot (ST) LAC Shri Sengchim N. Sangma +917005225539
60 60 Baghmara (ST) LAC Shri Satto R. Marak +918132013809

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