The stranded citizens outside N. E States please wait till the end of this Month: Prestone

Shillong, May 05: Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya Mr Prestone Tynsong inform that in the review meeting today the Government has taken the decision for thus stranded citizens outside the North Eastern States including students, who are working in different parts of the Country. There are above 8000 stranded Citizens in different part of India.

“Since the registration is still on and I am sure they will complete the registration very soon. Again I would like to request to all of them, may be of 8000 plus who got stranded outside the North Eastern States in different metro, different cities, I would like to request on behalf of the Government, kindly bear with us and we fervently request all of them at least if possible till the end of this month” said Mr Prestone.

“Stay safe where ever you are, you know and I am sure they know State Government leave no stone unturned, we been trying right from day one infighting these COVID-19 some of us could not even sleep for the whole week and specially we have to think of the front liner who has been on the ground, so today we started the movement, the coming in of stranded friends within the North eastern State” inform Deputy CM.

The Deputy Chief Minister further inform “If our friends outside the North Eastern States, put pressure on their parents, pressure on the relative or the Government as a whole, I fervently request all of them, have patient with us this is for the safety of the State as well as for the safety of their concern. I would again to request, therefore once again nothing like it, if they can still continued to stay where ever they are till the end of this month”.

The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya said that He is sure that another one week or two weeks times will be able to complete in bringing back those friends who stay within the North East States, it take lot of times, why He has aid this, once they enter the state they have to quarantine them once they quarantine them the whole administration has to be in palace. The Government have to monitor their health daily and they have to provide them food everyday for fourteen days.

Mr Prestone said that this is his request on behalf of the Government to all concern to have patient, this request from the Government side since there is so much pressure, so much work to do to make sure that the COVID-19 is completely eliminated with the state of Meghalaya.

The Deputy Chief Minister inform that specially those stranded friends outside the North Eastern States after this month may be in the first week of June or in the middle of June when they come back they need to understand, if they belong to “Red Zone” they have decided today in the review meeting that the quarantine period for them will be double not only 14 days but it will be 28 days.

Deputy Chief Minister said those students or friends who is suppose to come back to Meghalaya in where the places where they stay if it is treated or classified as Red Zone, as of now there are quit number of places be it District, Towns, Cities where the respective Government state government and the Ministry of Home Affair they already declare Red Zone in thus places.

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