The JSU appeals to District Admnistration for easing of Curfew in Jaintia Hills

Shillong, May 24: The Jaintia Students” Union(JSU) through a press statement by the Central Body President Jersom Shylla and General Secretary Treiborlang R Suchen strongly appeals to the DCs of the West Jaintia Hills & East Jaintia Hills Districts to partially ease the curfew pomuglated in the Jaintia hills.

The union express that most of the general public especially those hailing from rural areas are now experiencing a very hard situation and felt that partial removal of the curfew should be seriously considered and urges only for tigther restrictions.

Since, also the governement had earlier announced through the Deputy Chief Minister that it would’nt resort to lockdown except for the declaration of containment zones in areas where COVID infection is detected, this full On curfew is quite the opposite to the announcement.

The Union feels that the Government should conduct random test in Villages and if none are tested positive then these villages can be declared as COVID free villages or marked safe from Covid 19.

These people from such villages can then be allowed to carry on with their daily job activities such as farming, construction etc inside or nearby the villages so as to be able to earn livelihood also keeping in mind that most villagers are mearge earners living each day from hand to mouth to feed their family.

Mr. Treiborlang R Suchen pointed out that upto 98% of West Jaintia Hills District bad East Jaintia Hill District is mostly of rural land and villages and so he urge upon the Government to consider for easing of curfew in these coming days.

He insisted that the Govrrnment should condiser random testing in the district villages so as to have clear information on those villages affected with COVID so that those villages with zero cases, the people can go on with their daily livelihood activities.

Also, the JSU urges all the people not to take the 2nd Wave of this pamdemic situation likely and to strictly adhere to health protocols and advisories issued by the health department so as to be able to stop the rapid transmission of the virus.

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