The total number of Electors for the State of Meghalaya currently stands at 21,61,129: CEO

Shillong, Jan 04: The Electoral Rolls for the Special Summary Revision of 2023 is hereby published on 5th January, 2023. The SSR-2023 commenced on 9th November, 2022 with the State Level Launch of the Draft Publication of Electoral Rolls across the State.

There are 63763 new electors applied for enrolment through Form 6 during the just concluded Special Summary Revision exercise of 2023. However, post hearing of the claims and objection, there was a net increase of 49915, which is the total net additions.

The total number of Electors for the State currently stands at 21,61,129 with Males numbering 10,68,801, and  Female enrolment accounting for 10,92,326, along with 2 transgenders. Additionally, there are 3844 service electors also. Female enrolment at 10,92,326 is higher than male enrolment. Overall there is a net increase of 2.36 % in the current electorate over the draft rolls as on 9.11.2022.

Purity of the Electoral Roll is a major focus for the ECI and factoring this aspect, 13848 electors were removed from the Electoral Rolls on account of reasons such as death, shifting of address etc. Also, 40700 Elector’s particulars were also corrected in this Revision.

The whole SSR process has been guided by the principles of ensuring purity, health, inclusiveness, integrity and transparency in the entire exercise. Periodic meetings were held at both the CEO level and at the level of DCs with all political parties to ensure transparency in the overall SSR process.

Inclusiveness was given a special focus, as an outcome the number of People with Disabilities (PwDs) enrolled stands at 7478. Against the 2018 figures, the total electorate registered an increase of 18%, with 4,29,062 new electors being added from 2018.

Currently the EP Ratio stands at 64.53%, Gender Ratio is 1022, and enrolment of 18-19 age groups is currently at 81,443. In comparison to 3083 polling stations in 2018, the total number of polling stations has increased to 3482 polling stations.

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