UHM expressed concern to the State Govt for not calling meeting for discussion on border dispute

Shillong, April 15: The United Hynñiewtrep Movement (UHM) expresses concern to the State Government for not calling a meeting on discussion about the issue in regarding to the Border Land especially to the people residing in those areas of Assam and Bangladesh.

The Organisation demands the State Government to implement the Free Land Registration for the interest of the people residing in the said areas and also the organization demand the State Government to call with a detailed discussion on a specific Border issues on or before 23rd April 2021.

On 8th April 2021 at around 4 P.M, Shri. Banteidor Lyngdoh, Minister incharge of State Government of Meghalaya call a brief discussion along with the leaders of the UHM in regarding with the said issue on demanding for implementing the Free Land Registration to the border lands of Meghalaya nearby Assam and Bangladesh.

In the meeting  he give an assurance that as soon as possible he will bring a conference with the other Ministers along with the Chief Minister Shri. Conrad Sangma and also along with the Deputy Chief Minister Shri Prestone Tynsong for bringing the detailed discussion on how to implement the demand made by the organisation for bringing safety to the people residing in the border areas and also by not allowing to other’s State or Country on taking advantages to the Land from the State of Meghalaya by taking on using by themselves.

The organisation is still waiting on how long it will take time to the State Government of Meghalaya for not calling a conference on discussion in regarding the issue of border lands and also as we have seen that the State Government did not take seriously on this matter in regarding with the people residing in those border lands of the State of Meghalaya.

The organisation said that the State Government under the leadership of Shri. Conrad Sangma and Shri. Prestone Tynsong is keeping silent without any concern to the people our own State.

The UHM will be waiting until the due date of giving and if not taking concerning towards the said issue by the State Government the organisation will take other steps for moving the issue forward on demanding to the State Government for bringing safety and secured to the people residing in the Border of Assam and Bangladesh,said Mr. Justin Kahit Publicity Secretary United Hynñiewtrep Movement Central Body, Meghalaya.

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