To provide uninterrupted power supply in Jaintia Hills 2 new transformer installed at Khliehriat GS

Shillong, June 23: The Meghalaya Electrical Corporation Limited (MeECL) has completed the installation of two new transformers at  Khliehriat Grid Substation which was constructed a long time ago and is one of the major Grid Substations of the State of Meghalaya.

Last week, two new transformers have been installed of capacity 25MVA each taking the overall capacity to 50 MVA. This enhanced Capacity addition at the Khliehriat Grid Substation is being achieved with the intention to provide stable and uninterrupted power supply throughout Jaintia Hills.

A long-drawn commissioning plan was adopted recently to improve the overall protection systems and enhance the earthing facilities as far as practicable, to revamp the old Sub-station at Khliehriat. Efforts have been made to re-use existing equipment and to bring in a measure of modernity in the operation.

With the successful commissioning of the Transformers at Khliehriat Grid Sub-station, the System Stability of the power supply network in the entire East and West Jaintia Hills shall be ensured. There shall also be flexibility of operations of the entire Distribution network of Jaintia Hills.

There are 16 numbers of 33/11 KV s/s which shall be covered under Khliehriat Grid Substation which can cater to the entire load in case of maintenance of 132 KV Mustem Sub-station.

The Khliehriat Grid Sub-Station is now envisaged to serve as an alternative supply source to the entire Jaintia Hills region in the event of shutdown and maintenance of 132Kv Mustem Grid Substation.

Many 132 KV feeders enter and exit Khliehriat Grid Substation. There are four incoming feeders namely 132KV NEHU, 132 Mustem, and two circuits from Myntdu Leshka Hydro Electric Project. There are two more 132 KV feeders, one towards NEEPCO’s Kopili Hydro Electric Project and towards Badarpur Substation of Lower Assam.

Thus, the Grid Substation at Khliehriat is a vital stable source of extra high-tension connectivity which contributes immensely, not only for evacuation of hydro power generation of MePGCL and NEEPCO, but also serves as a stable source of Power Supply for the entire Jaintia Hills.

Jaintia Hills is known for its high Industrial growth which is a driver of the economy of the area as well as the state as a whole. Also there is continuous growth of Power Demand which can be catered with the enhanced capacity of the Grid Substation at Khliehriat.

The Khliehriat Grid Sub-station is therefore of vital importance in the despatch of load in the state and the North Eastern Region as a whole.

In all, the commissioning of the new two numbers of 25 MVA capacity Power Transformers at Khliehriat Grid Substation will go a long way in easing the power supply gap in the area and ensuring power stability of the entire Jaintia Hills region.

MeECL is committed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all parts of Meghalaya.

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