We live along with COVID-19 Iewduh cannot close forever: Mr Adelbert

Shillong, June 15: As an MLA of the 17-North Shillong, Mr Adelbert Nongrum said that Iewduh which falls under his constituency, most of the shop owners or shop keepers are from his constituency.

“I would like to suggest and strongly urge the government that they should understand that the Iewduh cannot be close forever because many of them are in the trade line which provides them their daily livelihood”.

The Local MLA said that as they know that we are living along with the prevailing Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), the residents residing near the market and even others who are entering and exiting the premises of the market should be very cautious and take extra care of themselves by strictly following the instructions given by the government, especially the Health and Family welfare department.

They should not be frighten and not to panic as they will put themselves in danger and others as well. The government should work hand-in-hand with the KHADC, U Syiem ka Hima Mylliem, Shillong Municipal Board,etc.

Mr Nongrum mention in order to firstly clean each and every corner of the market. The lanes and the stairs which are very slippery should be repaired for the safety of the daily comers and goers, cleanliness should be maintained not just now but for the years to come.

Mr Nongrum suggest that the office of the U Syiem ka Hima Mylliem that it should strengthen its police enforcement to strictly observe that the people should follow the instructions given by the government in order to maintain cleanliness and a hygienic atmosphere at Iewduh.

Disinfectant should be sprayed in the whole area, It should be sanitize at every entry and exit point of every part of the Iewduh. Cleanliness and a hygienic atmosphere should be preserve and Contain for the betterment and overall safety and security of all the people in our State.

The local MLA also urged the office of the U Syiem ka Hima Mylliem that the vendors who are selling their goods outside the shop or in the stairs are going against the government main instruction i.e. Social Distancing because it is so congested.

So the office of the U Syiem ka Hima Mylliem and the government should shift them to another place where they can maintain Social Distancing and earn their livelihood for the benefit of all and the smooth functioning of the market.

Mr Nongrum suggest that the wholesaler and the retailer should be in the Odd and Even method which will reduce the gathering of people in the Iewduh.

The people should not just expect that when will the government allow them to open the Iewduh, instead,  they should raise with one voice that firstly it should be cleaned, precautions and awareness about the rules and regulations about the market, and follow the instructions adopted by the government. Said Mr Adelbert Nongrum MLA in the press statement today.


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