World AIDS day observed in Meghalaya

Shillong Dec 1: Joining the rest of the world, World Aids Day was also observed by the Meghalaya Aids Control Society (MACS) by organising a State Level Convention on HIV and AIDS on the theme“Getting to Zero: zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS related deaths” at the premises of the State Central Library of Saturday.

Marking the occasion MACS started with a rally from State Central Library to Police Bazaar and culminates back at the premises of the State Central Library

The celebration was being conducted with an aimed to spread the message about the disease and how to reduce the spread of such hazardous virus.

Addressing the gathering after the rally, Legislator Manas Choudhury said, “AIDS control cannot be a job but it has to be a mission”.

He also said, “We have to give our hearts and complete dedication to control the spread of HIV/AIDS for the safety of our young generation”

Lauding the MACS for organizing such programmes, Choudhury said that the organizers as well as the youth are doing a wonderful job for the benefit of the people of the state.Further, Choudhury said that he hope that MACS will succeed for the sake of the future generation.

The students of the Department of Social Work also actively participated by performing a role play to address the issue of HIV/AIDS today is observed as World AIDS Day. (SP News)


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