Dr. Mukul Sangma was so afraid of the the good work being done by Mr Saleng:NCP

Shillong, February 06; The NCP Meghalaya State would like to question Dr. Mukul Sangma on his statement that Mr Saleng A Sangma was made a minister during his government and that Mr Saleng had not done anything for his constituency.

The NCP said that, if Mr Saleng has not done anything for the people of Gambegre, the Question is that why the people of Gambegre voted for Mr Saleng A Sangma again in 2013 if has not worked for his constituency. The NCP said that even Dr. Sangma was so afraid of the the good work being done by Saleng A Sangma that he did not allot the Congress Ticket in 2013 in spite of Saleng being a Minsiter because Dr. Sangma felt that his chair may be in danger.

The NCP said that everyone knows the dictatorial attitude of the Chief Minister and why so many leaders have left the congress. How can any minister work if he or she is not given a free hand? The service that Mr Saleng A Sangma has rendered to the people of his constituency does not need a certificate from Dr. Mukul Sangma, the people have voted for him twice and we are confident that Mr Saleng will retain his seat with thumping majority.

The real question is what Congress has done for the State particularly in the Garo Hills, where no road exists nor any development is visible. The Chief Minister was canvassing for his family member and trying to fool the people by giving false and misleading statement and on the other hand Mr Lonarson Marak a Congress Leaders along with many workers supported Mr. Saleng A Sangma as they felt that Mr  Saleng is the best candidate for Gambegre Constituency. Dr. Sangma instead of pointing fingers at somebody else should tell the public what he has done for the people of the State for the last 10 years.


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