The Cabinet approve of the tripartite agreement to be sign with the Power Ministry GOI

Shillong, March 08: The Cabinet today has approve the tripartite agreement to be sign within this month between the Govt of Meghalaya, The Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Ltd (MePDCL) and the Power Ministry Govt of India, this agreement will help the corporation to minimized losses in power Distribution.

With this approval from the cabinet to sign this tripartite agreement, the state govt has to take over 75% the debt of the till September 2015 which amount to the tune of Rs.125 cores as the total debt of the Coporation, and the state govt has to assist  the Corporation till it start gaining revenue.

By signing this agreement the Corporation will also embark upon itself to fully corporatizes itself adopt the system to reduce the power losses during transmission and distribution by take all step to reduce the losses, as of now 36.5% the energy were lost during the transmission.

This agreement will also enable the state to get assistance from the power ministry in implementing the scheme DDUVY, and it will allowed the Corporation to  purchased power from the central poll from whichever, who offer at the cheaper rate.

The state govt will soon take a call, on replacing with the LED Buld in all government offices to reduce power consummation and in the long run will benefit the state.

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