The NESFAS launches Vertical Transportation of Ropeway in Nongtraw village

Shillong, Nov 02: The NESFAS launched a Vertical Transportation on November 1, 2021 at Nongtraw village. Bah Titosstarwell Chyne, CEM KHADC, who was also the chief guest, inaugurated the event. NESFAS team, village headman, community members and community representatives from nearby villages attended the programme.

This initiative is part of the innovations project of the REC funded “No One Shall Be Left Behind Initiative”. The launch of this vertical transportation will support farmers to transport agricultural produce, livestock and other materials through the steep hills of the village, which constitutes in the Khadar Shnong area.

The only way in and out of Nongtraw is through a trek up and down 3500 steps. The village is also known for its outstanding heritage on traditional farming and this innovation will also contribute to transporting local foods that come out of jhum cultivation.

Bah Pius Ranee, Executive Director, NESFAS, shared, “Our goal is to create a cost effective innovation and it only required a metallic cable wire and a few other things. This transportation only depends on the laws of Physics and does not require electrical or fuel energy.”

On behalf of Nongtraw community, Bah Pius expressed, “Road connectivity will still be a long wait for us, but this rope way transportation will ease down our daily suffering”.

“Unlike other programmes which require long time preparations and grand fair, this one is unique. We’re getting a chance to be one with nature, sitting on top of the mountains, the true beauty is what it means to be traditional in every aspect; be it food or the surroundings, for we have been taught to preserve and value everything from the olden days”, expressed Bah Chyne.

He also added, “I would like to express my gratitude to NESFAS, Bah Pius Ranee and his team for implementing this. It is through them, Nongtraw’s name has been uplifted in various platforms”.

“On behalf of the community members, I would like to extend my gratitude towards NESFAS for implementing this initiative and it is one of the greatest achievements for the people of Nongtraw”, shared Suklin Dohling Assistant Secretary, Dorbar Shnong Nongtraw.

On this day, the community was also handed the certificate of the recent Best 2021 Sustainability Publication award by Hallbars and the Alfred Nobel Museum.

The success of this innovation is also credited to the strong determination of the Village Development Council (VDC) and the community as a whole. It aims to boost the transportation of farming and other goods to the market. Bah Chyne has also generously come forward to sponsor the same facility to Dewlieh community, which is a neighboring village.

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