The “1917iTEAMS” shipped 1000 litres of “NaRi milk” from Shillong to Tura today

Shillong, March 29: In an endeavour to reach out to the communities with essential supply of food items and ensure that farmers’ produce does not go wasted in this time of crisis, the “1917iTEAMS”, has been working in tandem with Deputy [...]

The MLA from 17-Shillong North Mr Adelbert urged govt to increase more groceries stores

Shillong, March 29: The MLA from 17-Shillong North Constituency Mr Adelbert Nongrum today has sent a DO Letter to the Chief Minister Mr Cornad K Sangma asking the Government to allowed more grocery shop in different locality so that people will [...]

Thoh u President ka MLPU ha u Conrad, pynjynsur ia ki kyndon ban iarap ia ki nongbylla

Shillong, Lber 29: U Bah Erwin K Syiem Sutnga,Advocate ba dei ruh u President Meghalaya People’s Labour Union (MPLU) mynta ka sngi u la phah ia ka shithi sha u myntri rangbah ka jylla u Conrad K Sangma bad u symbut myntri rangbah ka jylla [...]

Bthah ka sorkar pdeng ia ki sorkar jylla ban pyntreikam pura ia ka pakhang shnong

New Delhi, Lber 29: Mynta ka sngi ka Sorkar Pdeng ka la bthah ia ki sorkar jylla baroh ba kin pyntreikam sani ia ka jingpakhang shnong ha baroh ki jylla. U Cabinet Secretary jong ka sorkar pdeng bad ka tnat kam poh iing ka ia kren bara bor bad [...]

The MPYC distributing rice to the poor people of  four villages in West Khasi Hills District

Shillong, March 29: The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress in collaboration with the Mawshynrut Assembly Youth Congress have tried to reach out to the least  privileged sections who live from hand to mouth from Nongrynniaw, Thangtngaw, Nongpdeng [...]

Centre Government directs States to ensure no movement of People across cities

New Delhi, March 29: The Cabinet secretary and MHA are in constant touch with State Chief Secretaries and DGPs. Video Conferences were held by Cabinet Secretary & Home Secretary yesterday evening and today morning with Chief Secretaries [...]

Bthah ka DC ka SWKH District ia ki myntri shnong ban pyntip haba kyrduh khaw

Shillong, Lber 29: Ka Deputy Commissioner jong ka South West Khasi Hills District, ka kong Isawanda Laloo, ka bthah ia baroh ki myntri shnong kiba hap hapoh jong ka District lada don kano kano ka shnong kaba shem jingeh ban ioh khaw kin pyntip [...]

N.F. Railway continued freight train to ensure continuous supply of essential commodities

Maligaon, March 29: The  N. F. Railway is continuing its Freight Train Operation round the clock engaging staff in train operation and other infrastructural maintenance works. This is imperative in view of the need of continuous supply of essential [...]

Ha Krishnanagar jong ka jylla W.Bengal la tep don burom iaka Sister Julia N Majaw

Shillong, Lber 29: Mynta ka sngi la tep don burom ia ka Sister Julia N Mawjaw 91 snem ha Krishnanagar, Nadia District, jong ka jylla West Bengal. Ka jingkhlad jong ka Sister ka dei mynin ka sngi saitjain 28/03/2020. Ha kane ka jingjia kaba sngewsih, [...]
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