Edible oil prices decline significantly in the range of Rs 5 and 20 per kg in major retail markets

New Delhi, Jan 11: India is one of the largest importer of edible oils as its domestic production is unable to meet its domestic demand. The Country has to rely heavily on imports to meet the gap between demand and supply. Around 56-60% of the [...]

La shai ka sngi bteng ka jingiakren pynbeit pud u MR ka Assam bad Meghalaya ha Guwahati

Shillong, K.Lyngkot 11: La shai ka sngi u myntri rangbah ka jylla u Cornad K Sangma bad u Myntri Rangbah ka jylla Assam u Hemanta Biswa Sarma kin ia kynduh biang la shai ka sngi ha Guwahati ban bteng ia ka jingiakren halor ka jingiapynbeit pud [...]

Nga dang ap ia ka kaiphot na ka tnad ka koit ka khiah halor ka jingdawa ki nongtrei EMRI: Conrad

Shillong, K.Lyngkot 11:  Mynta ka sngi ki nongialam jong ka Meghalaya EMRI Workers Union kila ia kynduh ia u mytnri rangbah ka jylla u Cornad K Sangma ban ia kren ia ki jingdawa jong ka seng ha kaba ia dei bad ka jingpyniaid ia ka EMRI 108 [...]

Ka Jylla Meghalaya kan rakhe ia ka 25th National Youth Festival lashai ka sngi ha Shillong

Shillong, K.Lyngkot 11: Ka Jylla Meghalaya kan rakhe ia ka 25th National Youth Festival ha ka 12 tarik Kyllalyngkot, 2022 ryngkat bad ka ri baroh kawei. Ha nongbah Shillong, ka Ram Krishna Mission Vivekananda Cultural Centre kan pynlong ia ka [...]

The ICAR NEH Region awarded with “Best Farmers Awards on the 48th foundation day  

Shillong, Jan 11: The 48th ICAR institute foundation was commemorated today along with a series of events abiding with the covid 19 protocols. In his welcome address Dr. V.K Mishra, Director; ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region said that the [...]

The ISB will start five-day training for Meghalaya Govt, will focus on understanding public policy

Shillong, Jan 11: As a knowledge and executing partner for the Government of Meghalaya’s unique and ambitious fellowship programme, the Bharti Institute of Public Policy today started the five-day orientation and training workshop for the [...]

Kiba la test COVID-19 positive mynta ka sng baroh ki don 159, kiba khlad ki don 2 ngut

Shillong, K.Lyngkot 11: Ka tnad ka koit ka khiah mynta ka sngi kala pyntip ba kiba la test COVID-19 positive baroh ki don 159 ngut, na East Jaintia Hills 1, East Khasi Hills 131, Ri Bhoi 6, West Garo Hills 14, West Jaintia hills 4,  West Khasi [...]

Prime Minister Mr. Modi requests all those who are eligible to get Covid precaution dose

New Delhi, Jan 11: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has requested all those who are eligible to get Covid Precaution Dose as India began administering Precaution Doses. He also applauded those who have got vaccinated today. In a tweet, [...]

Kular u James ia ki nongtrei ka EMRI ban pynkut noh ia ka kontrak bad ka GVK ha Meghalaya

Shillong, K.Lyngkot 11: Mynta ka sngi u James K Sangma myntri ba deipeit ia ka tnad ka koit ka khiah u la khot ia ka jingiakren bad ki nongtrei ka ka EMRI kiba dei ia ka 108, ha dien hynniew sngi ba kila pynlong ia ka jingsangeh trei kam ban [...]

Health Dept  issued New Standard Operating procedures amid omicron concerns in meghalaya

Shillong, Jan 11: The new and highly mutated variants of the coronavirus will continue to evolve as long as the virus is able to infect, replicate and transmit itself to other susceptible people in communities with low-adherence to COVID appropriate [...]
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