Bethany Hospital Shillong has been completely shut, all staffs asked to stay in quarantine

Shillong, April 14: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma today said that all decisions taken yesterday in the cabinet meeting stands nullified.

“The cabinet decided to follow the old protocols to which new notification will be issued,” said the Chief Minister, while informing that inter district movement will be restricted. He informed that the detailed government advisories will be issued and notified on supply of essential commodities.

On the Covid-19 positive case, the Chief Minister informed that one of the relative of the patient had travel history to some of the affected countries. “We cannot say it will full proof evidence but the most likely scenario is linked to one of the family members travel history. We are still investigating the matter,” the Chief Minister said.

He also informed that the member of the positive case, returned to Shillong and registered himself with 108 and remained in self quarantine. It is also to be noted that the individual remained asymptomatic. He also informed that the medical team had visited the concerned individual, however, no symptoms were seen in him.

He urged the citizen not to stigmatize patient or their family members, as the virus can attack anybody, it does not look at caste, creed, religion or geographical boundaries. “It is time for the citizens to act responsibly. I would urge the citizens of Meghalaya, particularly Shillong city not to stigmatize, this is the time when we have to show to the rest of the world and the country that we are together and we will fight this together,” the Chief Minister added.

Urging the citizens to lend their support, the chief minister said that in these difficult time people have to remain united and cooperate with the government by adhering to the directives issued by the government.

“There is a notion in people’s mind that this disease can spread by looking at somebody. I think we need to get the facts clear, you know, if we are maintaining our social norms, if we ensure personal hygiene the chances of getting the virus is less,” the Chief Minister stated, while urging the media to also create the sensitisation.

He urged the people not to overreact but be careful.  “Be careful for yourself and I’m sure that by doing this basic things you’ll be able to protect yourself. It is very important to also know and people should understand that it is not that if you get infected that you will be on ventilator and you will be fighting for your life,” the Chief Minister added.

Quoting records from different countries that 85% of the cases are mild, the Chief Minister said, “A lot of cases are asymptomatic with people don’t even show any symptoms. And within a period of anything between 14 to 21 days people recover on their own people have mild cough, mild flu or mild fever and after a certain period of 14 days to sometimes 21 to sometimes maybe 28 days people are fine.”

Bethany Hospital Shillong has been completely shut and all staffs in the hospital have been asked to stay in quarantine within the hospital. The Government has listed down the primary contacts of the individual, and list of the secondary contacts to a large extend.

A total of 91 samples after the first positive case has been send for testing, the results of which is awaited. More testing are being done.

On patient jumping from Bethany Hospital, who later died, the Chief Minister clarified that it is nothing to do with Coronavirus, and the individual was undergoing rehabilitation as he had psychiatric problem and in all likelihood it was suicide.


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