Medical Staff of Nazareth Hospital express outrage at the assault on doctor in Kolkatta

Shillong, June 15: The Medical Staff of Nazareth Hospital, express their sense of humiliation and outrage at the frequent incidents of assault on Medical professionals in our country. As all who read this might know, an elderly person with a possible heart attack died in a hospital in Bengal.

Following this a mob attacked a junior doctor causing serious head and other injuries. Unfortunately this trend is increasing all over India with the feeling that if a patient dies, it is the doctor’s fault, and causing physical harm as well as damage to property is quite acceptable.

The Doctor may certainly may make mistakes, and there may be instances of negligence, but the public has every right to take the individual or Institution to the court of law for redressal. Now it appears to be the rule of lawlessness rather than the rule of law. Doctors are not law enforcement professionals who may expect to be physically assaulted in the line of duty.

The Doctors from Shillong  are quite unknown on the national scene, but we feel constrained to express our anguish among our people here, while understanding that they  feel that theyare blessed in many ways because of the restraint and understanding which we have always found in Shillong as well as in Meghalaya in general.

They do hope that the Government will take stringent steps to ensure the rule of law and safety of its citizens. Said Dr Gardon Rangad Medical Superintendent and Chief Medical Officer of the  Nazareth Hospital Shillong.

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