NEFIP thank to the State Members for launching its movement against CAB, 2016

Shillong, Oct 06: The North East Forum for Indigenous People (NEFIP) expresses its sincere appreciation to the State Members for successfully launching its movement against Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 in their respective states sending a clear message to the Central leadership and projecting the ground scenario of the state to their respective Government of the day in a befitting manner.

The NEFIP also appreciate the sincere participation to all citizens from  different walks of life and general public for their voluntary participation in the Region’s movement against the Monster Bill that threatens the demography of the entire region with force assimilation to destroy our rich culture, custom, lifestyle and our very existence.

The NEFIP also fully endorse the initiative by Mizo Students’ Union to protest and submit a memorandum to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on his visit to Mizoram todaythe 5 October, 2019 and appreciate the volunteers of MSU for its prowess to oppose CAB tactfully.

The hidden agenda of the bill exposed the design that will polarise the people on religious group and to annihilate religious minority groups is in total contravention to the basic secular principles of the Constitution of India and the fundamental rights of the citizens curtailing freedom of religion and practices is visibly evil and must be rejected at all cause.

The NEFIP sincerely believe that the great and magnificent India will restrain from this cultural, religion and economic invasion on the minority groups and rise on the occasion to defend the slogan ‘One for All and All.

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