NEHU Clarifies on Achievements urged public not to be misled by allegations of Downfall

Shillong, July 22: The North-Eastern Hill University would like to apprise the general public and to clarify on several reports which have appeared in the media recently alleging administrative, academic and financial lapses over the last five years that brought down the status and ranking of the University during the incumbency of Prof. S.K. Srivastava as the Vice-Chancellor, NEHU.

The public should not to be misled by such media reports from NEHU Teachers’ Association, groups, individuals, others. The fact is during the tenure of Prof. Srivastava as VC, NEHU witnessed several achievements.

The payment of Hill Area Special Allowance (HASA) to NEHU was discontinued as per the direction from the Hon’ble Visitor conveyed through the Ministry of Education (formerly MHRD), Govt of India. It may be mentioned that previous Vice Chancellors could not succeed when it came to the issue of HASA.

In fact, a Writ Appeal was filed by the NEHUTA against the Union of India on discontinuation of HASA, which was dismissed in favour of the Union of India and  NEHU.

Further, while dismissing the matter, the Division Bench of the Hon’ble High Court also cleared the allegation on manipulation and malafide intention by Prof. Srivastava as wrongly alleged by NEHUTA. On the financial front, the budgetary allocation of NEHU has also been substantially improved.

Earlier there were budget cuts, but now the University budget has been enhanced by about Rs 100 crores over a period of five years (from 2015 to 2020).

The NAAC Assessment and accreditation had remained expired for a few years prior to the joining of Prof. Srivastava as VC, who took up the NAAC assessment and the University was accredited with ‘A’ Grade in 2017 with an institutional score of 3.20, (up from the earlier score of 3.03 in 2009) during the NAAC assessment in 2017.

The earlier administration prior to 2015 had ignored NAAC. Further, the ranking of NEHU in the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) in the last few years, in  2020 – 49 University, 74 Overall, out of 1667 Higher Educational Institutions finally applied 2019 – 39 Universities, 62 Overall out of 1479 finally applied  2018 – 61Universities, 88 Overall.

It may be mentioned that the various parameters for NIRF include teaching learning resource, research and professional practice, outreach, inclusivity and perception as available on the NIRF web site.

With constant persuasion, the University received approval to open new departments of two subjects, Geology and Forestry, which are relevant to the North East. An “Institutional Innovation Council” (IIC) and an Incubation Centre has also been set up. Then there is the setting up of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Community College in Wahiajer, Jaintia Hills to impart skill education.

In line with the Act East Policy of Govt of India, the VC signed an MOU with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Prof. Srivastava also signed an MOU with IIT Guwahati for academic support and internship program.

Under the incumbency of the Vice Chancellor, a Digital Planetarium is under construction at NEHU Tura Campus in collaboration with the Govt of Meghalaya, construction of hostels, M.Ed building including staff quarters.

The major renovations in all buildings, viz., Administrative Building, Hostels, roads, street lights, painting of boundary walls, major renovation in the quarters were taken up after Prof. Srivastava took over as the Vice-Chancellor. Prof. Srivastava also took the initiative to provide geysers to all student hostels and Type 2 quarters which was not there since inception of NEHU.

Further, the University has been running smoothly without any agitations,disruptions, strike whatsoever, which has been disturbing the University in earlier times prior to this VC’s tenure. On the whole the University has seen stability unlike earlier years, decades.

There has also been strict compliance of the various directions/orders from the Government of India from time to time by NEHU under the present regime. Further, under the incumbency of Prof. Srivastava as VC, freedom fighters of Meghalaya have been honoured by naming guest houses of NEHU after them.

Another achievement of the Vice-Chancellor is the introduction of NCC as an elective subject in the Under Graduate Course for all colleges of NEHU. A large number of teachers have been promoted at different levels, stages under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS). Also, all the daily wage employees have been paid Central Wage which has not been done since inception of the University.

Since the establishment of NEHU as a Central University in the year 1973, for several decades the results of examinations of academic departments of NEHU were declared in August/September or later, every year. It is for the first time in many years that the results of NEHU academic department examinations have been declared in July itself.

To conclude, it is evident that allegations of “unwarranted slide of NEHU” or its ranking is nothing but attempts to malign the image of the present incumbent, Prof. Srivastava. Further, the Vice-Chancellor appreciates the contribution and efforts of the students, faculty and administration in making these achievements possible.




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