The EJNC written to the Meghalaya CS demanding Cancelation of the EC given to M/s Star Cement

Khliehriat, June 23: The organisation  East Jaintia National Council today sent the letter to the  Chief Secretary Govt. of Meghalaya of Meghalaya through, the Deputy Commissioner East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat demanding for Withdrawal of the Environmental Clearance issued to Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd.

In the letter the EJNC stated that with deep pain and anguish over the Environmental Clearance issued to Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd dated 8th June 2021 for mining of Limestone at Brishyrnot village, East Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, New Delhi.

It is notable to mention here that as per provision of the E. I. A Notification 2006, public hearing or public consultation is mandatory for the project proposed by the Star Cement.

Attempts have been made by the Government on three occasions that being on the 19.10.2019, 31.01.2021 and 21.11.2020 to conduct the public hearing however given the strong and stiff opposition from the NGOs and local population of the villages, the same was cancelled in all three occasion.

The protest in all this three occasion signifies that the people are against the project of the star cement which have negative impact over the environment and lives of the people in the local area and given the already fragile environment condition in the areas.

However, inspite of the strong opposition for the project the state government through the Deputy Commissioner and Meghalaya Pollution Control Board has recommended to the Government of India to consider exemption of the public hearing.

This is a direct violation of the right of the people and the laws lay down. The EJNC also do not agree to the statement of the Government of Meghalaya stating that they are unaware of the facts that the EC was granted and that the EC was granted solely by the Government of India.

This is a blatant lie as it is the state Government which has recommended exemption of the public hearing and it is the state government which has pushed for issuing EC to the Star Cement without taking the public consultation into confidence.

The organization EJNC alleged that  the Government of Meghalaya has betrayed its own peoples, the organization claim that this was clear  in Point no. 13 of the EC, which showed the Deputy Commissioner as the main proponent of Star Cement.

The EJNC alleged that all this happened because the Government considers our district as third class. Will the Government do such act if the project is proposed in Shillong or Tura, If this a trend that is followed by the Government, what should we expect next? Uranium mining without public hearing? Umngot Hydro Project without Public Hearing.

The Government should take a tour to Narpuh Elaka to understand how the environment has been affected due to the indiscriminate mining and many cement factories and to compare how the environment is two decades back and how is it today.

If the Government only have eyes, it will see polluted rivers, rise in temperature, deforestation, dead fishes, shortage of drinking water, air pollution, toxic gas but it only seems this doesn’t care the Government official who lives in cities, higher standard of living.

The EJNC demanded that haw The M/s Star Cement should be investigated and the Government of Meghalaya to write to the Government of India for immediate withdrawal and stay of the Environmental Clearance dated 8th June 2021 issued to Star Cement failing which we will be forced to undertake democratic means of protest to highlight the issue, said the president of tha ENJU Mr. Sambormi Lyngdoh and General Secretary Mr. Nangjan Dkhar in the press statement.



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