The GSU appeals to GOI not to table the dangerous bill like CAB’16 in Parliament

Shillong, Dec 05: The contentious and the controversial “Citizenship Ammendment Bill 2016” is once again being pushed by the Central Government despite the protest from all over northeast for a second time. The GOI seems adamant on the subject whilst behaving as a juggernaut without a care or contemplation for the future and identity of the indigenous peoples of north east.

The Government of India seems fixated on the idea of Hindustan and creating a pan-hindu region in NE as the future strategy for political gains and is not the least bit interested of the dangerous consequences that could befall the indigenous peoples of NE as a result of drastic demographic change forgoing the concept of “unity in diversity” a concept that is India, a secular democracy. The introduction of CAB will bring about an “existential threat” to the indigenous peoples of North East.

The GOI is employing a ‘divide and rule’ policy just as the British had successfully done to colonise and rule India for hundreds of years for its vast resources. On one hand, the Central Government says CAB will not affect the Sixth Schedule controlled areas and ILP implemented areas in the north eastern states while states like Tripura and Assam will be basically left out because a large portion of these two states is not under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Schedule.

The GSU President said even Garo Hills, largely an area under Sixth Schedule have certain portions not covered by it especially the areas that fall under the Mouza No. VI and the problem is even confusing and confounded where areas under 6th Schedule like Tura, Baghmara, Simsanggre and Resu townships have Municipal Boards which is a dilution of the provisions of the Sixth Schedule.

The GOI is pursuing a strategy while trying to confuse the peoples of NE by publishing a statement in “No CAB in NE” while inserting “ (4) Nothing in this section shall apply to tribal” . does this mean that foreigners belonging to six religion from three countries who have entered on or after 31st December 2014 (notification by Central Government) will  be counted as citizens of India but in NE they will have no right to alienate our lands, pursue political ambitions, interfere in legislation procedures? The straight answer is no because even illegal Bangladeshi immigrants have successfully participated in our democratic elections.

In a meeting with Shri Amit Shah at Delhi he stated that after the introduction of CAB, NRC will be exercised in the whole of India. What use is NRC when lacs of illegal immigrants in Assam was identified but without any mechanism or strategy for deportation back to their respective countries? But the other side of the story about the exercise of NRC is true along with the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants there were lacs of illegal Bangladeshi hindu immigrants too.

It was known to the Central Govt and hence the introduction of CAB’16 to protect the illegal hindu immigrants not simply to give umbrage to persecuted minorities from six religions while persecuting in India itself the people belonging to the same religion under the “Hindurastra” movement.

Since the 1920’s NE has been suffering from waves of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel also gave more importance to refugees in 1949 and was instrumental in their settlement in large numbers in North East.

Successive governments at Centre also ignored the plights of the north east because NE was just a collection of buffer states for India. The silent invasion of NE has been perpetrated for decades and NE has become a dumping ground of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The GSU was opposed to CAB and is still opposing the introduction of the CAB’16. We will fight tooth and nail against the destructive policy which will effect a drastic demographic change. We will become indigenous minorities in our own land, a land blessed to us by GOD not by the Indian Government. We will be present for the NESO meeting on the 6th Dec’19 at Guwahati and will be pursuing for agitation programmes all over NE, for indefinite Bandh in NE to mark our protest.

The GOI is unsympathetic to the plight of NE and the BJP is just concentrating on Hindu Rastra Movement while we the indigenous peoples of NE will be facing an existential threat. Perhaps the MIzo’s are right about their slogan” Byebye India, Hello China” because after “Bangladisation “ of NE it will definitely be “Byebye India, Hello Bangladesh” because we will be living with so many Bangladeshis in our own land.

The GSU appeals to GOI not to table the dangerous bill like CAB’16 because it will really be a ‘cab’ to ferry Bangladeshis to NE. It is the neglect of the successive central government and basically of influx that NE has seen numerous militant oragnisations.

Let us hope and pray that CAB will not usher in a more radicalised militancy in NE.The GSU stands with its NE brothers and welcomes a protracted and aggressive stand to counter a move such as CAB and is also stressing on the demand of ILP for the whole NE because it is a mechanism which will be more important now to protect our land, culture and identity. Said  Mr Tengsak G Momin President GSU in the press statement.



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