The Khasi New Year celebration was observed on Sunday at Mawpun Locality, Shillong

Shillong, Oct 29: The Khasi new year celebration was held yesterday at Mawpun, Golf Links under the initiative of Mr Spiton Kharakor, a renowned author and outstanding exponent of Khasi culture and history. It all began last year during the commemoration of the death anniversary of the late Mr B Nishan Wahlang at Riti Academy of Visual Art, when Kharakor delivered a lecture in his memory.

Thereafter, Herman Nongrum, President, Synjuk Ki Rangbah Kur  expressed anguish over his inability to fulfil the aspiration of the departed soul and dear friend of some gentlemen in the gathering which included former Deputy Chief Minister Bindo M Lanong and former KHADC CEM H S Shylla.

In consolation of Nongrum’s anguish, Spiton Kharakor stated that the aura of late Wahlang still prevail among themselves and took it as a noble task to endeavour into a thorough research until he discovered the Khasi new year day. The new year eve on 27th October coincided with his 76th birth anniversary and a small celebration with the night vigil was held at the residence of late B Nishan Wahlang at Mawpun with the family members and close friends.

The celebration was marked with the chanting of ‘Phawar’ at midnight and beating of Khasi traditional drums by Da Thymmei Academy of Performing arts to welcome the new year on the 28th October, 2019.

As a mark of respect to his friend Mr Spiton Kharakor paid homage to the departed soul with months of research and publication to declare the Khasi new year day, which he had elaborated about the subsequent Khasi calendar in future.

His findings is based on the traditional lunar month calculation and the traditional market days of eight days a week, which is almost precise with the standard Gregorian calendar. It may be mentioned that Spiton Kharakor is the writer of the book ‘Ki Khun Ki Ksiew U Hynñiewtrep’, which is the first ever collection of all the Khasi clans, besides other significant historical information.

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