The legislators of VPP are being dramatic on the issue of Job Reservation Policy: ACHIK

Shillong, May 19: The A·chik Conscious Holistically Integrated Krima (ACHIK) finds it quite obnoxious that the Legislators of VPP are being dramatic on the issue of Job Reservation Policy.

ACHIK would like to reiterate that any verdict pass by the Court should be challenged in the Judiciary if anyone disagrees, as for in Indian democracy, Judiciary is the final interpreter of the law.

If Shri Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit feels that he is on the side of aggrieved party, he should approach the Apex Court on Job Reservation Policy once and for all.

For if anyone is feeling aggrieved by the order or the policy, they are free to approach Apex Court instead of inciting communal angle unnecessary.

The issue is far from communal or an issue to create communal tension as the matter pertains to the Right and Wrong, Equity, Justice and Good Conscience.

The ACHIK feels that if at all Shri Basaiawmoit feels 60-80% Job Reservation is due which is being denied then he is free to approach the Supreme Court on the issue instead of creating fuss and drama.

The Organisation feels that he is taking the issue and doing a film shoot for entertainment, while he knows that he has other options.

The ACHIK also forewarns that if Shri Basaiawmoit manage to trickles even 0.01% of the rights due to A·chik Community in accord to Job Reservation Policy, the Apex Court is the place where the organisation will meet him, said advocate Bernita R . Marak, president Krima Council Achik.


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