The NPP’s top priority of education sector is a biggest joke ever of the year: Silnang Ch. Marak

Shillong, Sept 24: The  NPP’s top priority of education sector is a biggest joke ever of the year alleged Silnang Ch. Marak Assistant General Secretary A∙chik Youth Council, AEC, Tura. When pass percentage of SSLC or HSSLC is low, government target teachers and show cause notices are being served whereas government fail to recognize own failures and reluctant in providing reliable facilities to teachers.

The Assistant General Secretary A∙chik Youth Council, AEC, Tura Mr Silnang said that It has come to the notice of the organisation that teachers of South West Garo Hills, Ampati are without their salary for almost four months.

Mr Silnang in the press statement stated that, Chief Minister, Education Minister; if salaries are delay for three months how will they feel? Are teachers survive with solar or air under MDA government? Don’t they have family to feed?.

The District School Education Officer, Ampati, South West Garo Hills does not have Financial Power to release salaries of teachers which is pending for three months that is  June, July, August; AYC have raise voice to concern authority through different channels but till date government is adamant in doing their duty.

The AYC question the Government, Is this top priority? when salaries are delay and saying “education as top priority” is maturely immature childish words of NPP led MDA government, alleged Mr Silnang.

The Assistant general secretary of the AYC alleged that, there is no positive movement to improve the education scenario in schools levels as well as in university levels. Government should understand the hardships the teachers are facing during this pandemic period and how hardly they are complying with orders of the government despite salaries are delayed.

The AYC leader Mr Silnang stated in the press statement that, if government itself do not know their duty; blaming of school and teachers should be not arise. Mostly, adhoc teachers are engage with same responsibility with other teachers like deficit or government teachers.

Teachers are; teaching same syllabus; preparing students for their board examinations; doing same job as compared to others; but when it come to salary, it is only some meager amount which is also too much irregular in payments.

Is this not discrimination? Governments always talk about “Equality”, “Equity”, “Laws”, “Rules” “Policies”, etc. but everything is in air nothing happen in action. Government should recognize contribution of teachers in building human resource development and their needs should be fulfilled with earliest.

The A∙chik Youth Council appeals the government of Meghalaya led by NPP party to confer ‘Financial power’ to DSEO of South West Garo Hills, Ampati within this week and release the pending three months salaries as early as possible. Said Mr. Silnang Ch. Marak Assistant General Secretary A∙chik Youth Council, AEC, Tura.

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