Why can’t there be railway lines in the state to make transportation easier?

Shillong November 23: Seeing the need to have an immediate attention on the recurring problems along the border areas, the forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) who was on the nation-wide campaign to the border areas said that the government needs to address to the various problems especially in terms of development of infrastructures, providing employment and checking infiltration of migrants which otherwise can give rise to terrorist activities and smuggling.

Addressing a press conference on Friday at the Shillong Press Club member of the FINS and also an Ideologue and Ex-Editor of Organizer Weekly Seshadri Chari said the forum visited the border areas of the state and the volunteers have gathered information on the problems and difficulties faced by the people living in the border areas will be forwarded to the state government for further actions on their part.

Formed seven years ago the Forum comprises of more than 10,000 youth from 646 districts of the country who takes on an enthusiastic endeavor by visiting the international check-posts and interacts with the personnel and people to get first-hand knowledge of the overall scenario.

So far, the youth has covered over 149 international check posts and in their visit to Meghalaya, over 140 youth have journeyed to 11 camps in the state while interacting with the people and BSF personnel based at Dawki, Nongjri, Ranikor, Balat, Shella and also Tura in Garo Hills.

It was also mentioned that about 23 youth from Shillong who are part of this forum are on tour to Bhuj in Gujarat as part of the campaign to study and learn the difficulties of the people living in that part of the country.  Besides, Chari also informed that the youth member of the forum has covered over 149 international check posts and in their visit to Meghalaya.

“It was noticed that there is lack of infrastructural development in all the border areas of the state and the government has not concentrated on infrastructure in these areas”, the veteran journalist said while ruing the fact that with improved technology, “Why can’t there be railway lines in the state to make transportation easier?”

Further, Chari pointed out that the lack of employment opportunities in the border areas has compelled the youth to migrate to the city with a hope to get better exposure and security. “This however, can post a threat to the traditional bonding as with distance, they get cut off from their roots, culture, language and family”, he opined.

Besides he also said that the unfenced areas along the border lines can give rise to many terrorist activities, smuggling, influx, anti-social activities and encroachment besides others, clubbing together can pose a threat to national security.(SP News)

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