The GSU threaten to agitate on MMBS admission issued, blame the Meghalaya Govt

Shillong, September 01: The GSU has been tracking the issue of the grievances of the MBBS candidates from August’18. The GSU CEC, Tura had instructed the GSU Khasi Hills Zone to enquire into the matter of late admission of the MBBS students into medical colleges based on a number of complaints from parents as well as candidates.

One of the prime concerns of the parents was that late admission of students to a medical college was that their children will have to catch up on the missed classes on their own which is not advisable for medical students. The second concern was supposedly the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities concerned to expedite the whole rigmarole of selection process for the quota. Some parents it seems had prior knowledge that something was brewing this time and it would affect the future of their children.  Their intuition has been proven to be true.

The GSU Khasi Hills Zone reported to the GSU CEC, Tura that there were conflicting reports; one department blaming the other department. One department said that lists of successful candidates have yet to be sent to them and that there was nothing they could do. But all in all, we were relieved when the press statement regarding the lists came out from the government.

Upon telephonic enquiry and discussion with the concerned department it has been communicated to us that there have been changes in education policy of other states especially Assam and hence the stumbling block to the aspiring MBBS candidates.

But that does not explain why the Meghalaya Government was not aware of it. The Meghalaya Government must fulfill the duties placed on it. It is hard enough on the students of MBBS when they lose one or two months of their classes due to late admission perpetrated due to lengthy and unnecessary dragging of the selection process now this problem where students have been refused admission. Worse Meghalaya does not have enough doctors for its citizens not to mention the patient to doctor ratio in Garo Hills. The Meghalaya Government must pursue legal options if needed but it must hurry the process of getting the aspiring medical students admitted in medical colleges.

We are willing to pursue agitational programs if needed because we blame the Meghalaya Government for this whole predicament as the whole process of selection and admission of aspiring medical students are being taken for granted.


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