To safeguard the depositor in NBFI the government will come out with the legislation

Shillong, August 02: The Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma today said that to safeguard the depositor in the Non Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) the Government will come out with the legislation in the coming Assembly session.

Speaking to media person after the Cabinet meeting the Chief Minister said that, apart from the regular bank, there are also private sectors who are accepting deposit from the public these are term as NBFI, in order to safe guard the public there is a need to have an act to protect the depositors.

In the Cabinet meeting today the cabinet has approved   for the interim appointment in order to quicken the process of appointing people who are illegible for government job. The delay in giving appointment is due to the long process of police verification. With this decision the illegible person for the job they will have to declare themselves if the declaration found to be untrue he or she will be terminated from service.

In order to allowed various department to have more observation capacity, the cabinet today have rationalize some more head of account in different department, since the budget was subsume  in one not like earlier where there is plan and Non plan.

The government want to recognized to thus Individual, Groups, Syiem, Doloi and Nokmas who has donated land to the government to take up developmental work particularly in the social sector, the cabinet has taken the decision that thus land owners will be given government job only in Grade III and Grade IV.


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