The GoI monitoring to see no shortage of medicines to combat Covid-19 outbreak

New Delhi, March 31: The  Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India is continuously monitoring distribution and addressing issues of availability, supply and local related issues of medicines [...]

Kynnoh ba Kyntait ka Meghalaya Rural Bank, Umden  ban siew pisa ia kiba akount MGRENGA

Shillong, Lber 31: Ki paidbah ka thain Umden hapoh jong ka Ri Bhoi District kiba don akount hapoh jong ka Meghalaya Rural Bank kim shym la ioh ban sei ia ka pisa namar ba u manager jong ka bank u la ong ba kiba bun ki dang don ram hapoh ka Bank. Katkum [...]

Da u lain ieng ki briew ban thiedoh ha ki ba bun ki jaka ha nongbah Shillong

Shillong, Lber 31: Ki bor sorkar haba pynlait ia ki paidbah ba kin leit ban thied jingthied mynta ka sngi la shah ruh ban plie ia dukan doh ba kin die ha ki dong bapher bapher jong kane ka nongbah Shillong. Ki paidbah nongshong shnong jong kane [...]

Meghalaya Govt appoint nodal officer to look into migrant workers and stranded student

Shillong, March 31: Meghalaya Chief Secretary Mr M S Rao today appointed Mr Chinmay P Gotmare, secretary planning department and Mr Cyril VD Diengdoh secretary Political department shall function as nodal officer for monitoring and coordinating [...]

Shillong Markaz who visitied Hazrat Nizamuddin were stranded in Delhi: A. Ali

Shillong, March 31: Mr Anwar Ali member of Shillong Markaz today in writing has sent the information to the Lumdingjri Police Station stateting that there are seven members who visited  Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi get stranded in view [...]

SBIOA appeal to Govt, bankers are not harassed anywhere by the police while commuting

Shillong, March 31: The State Bank of India Officers Association (SBIOA) North Eastern Circle, one of the largest officers’ organizations in our North Eastern region, takes pride in proclaiming that even at this crisis time, we the bankers [...]

Pdiang ka iing dorbar ka KHADC ia ka mang tyngka T.81.21 klur na ka bynta lai bnai

Shillong, Lber 31: U Bah Titosstarwell Chyne CEM jong ka KHADC mynta ka sngi u la wan rah ia ka mang tyngka kaba lai bnai hapoh jong ka KHADC kaba long T.81,21,54,400/- tyngka, ia kaba la pdiang da ka iing dorbar khlem da don kano kano ka jingiakren. Haba [...]

Mang pisa ka KHADC T.10 lak ia ki MDC ban ban ia khun pyrshah ia u COVID-19

Shillong, Lber 31: U Bah Titosstarwell Chyne Chief Executive Member jong ka Khasi Hills Autonomous District u la pynbna hapoh ka iing dorbar ba la mang T.10 lak na ka bynta ki MDC ban iarap ia ki paidbah ha kane ka por ba don ka jingeh eh kaba [...]

Meghalaya Chief Secretary asked all DC concern to issue ID card to Headman

Shillong, March 31: Meghalaya Chief Secretary Mr M S Rao has issue an order that all Deputy Commissioners are hereby authorised to issued Photo Identity Cards  for the headman in their respective jurisdictions to facilitate effective coordination [...]

La pynjari biang ia ka ‘Korphiew haduh ka lai tarik Iaiong ha nongbah Shillong bad ki khap sor

Shillong, Lber 31: Na ka daw jong ka jingdon kane ka jingpang COVID-19 ha ka Ri bad kylleng ka Pyrthei, ka Deputy Commissioner jong ka East Khasi Hills District kala pynjlan biang ia ka Korphiew haduh ka 03rd Iaiong 2020. Kane ka long ha baroh [...]
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