SBIOA appeal to Govt, bankers are not harassed anywhere by the police while commuting

Shillong, March 31: The State Bank of India Officers Association (SBIOA) North Eastern Circle, one of the largest officers’ organizations in our North Eastern region, takes pride in proclaiming that even at this crisis time, we the bankers have been rendering our services for the public at large jeopardizing our lives.

The SBIOA have been trying every possible action to ensure that the basic banking needs of the countrymen and the government do not come to an abrupt halt.

However, in spite of putting our all efforts, we have been facing several constraints in the course of our daily activities, like sufficient number of hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, etc. are not available in the market and as such they have to face the customers and handle the bank notes without enough protection.

The organisation have explored all the possible avenues from our end to get the mentioned safety equipments but all our efforts proved to be futile. Under the given circumstances, they understand that facing numerous customers and handling the cash, which could a major carrier of germs, is a very risky proposition.

Here, the organisato state in clear terms that all the bankers have risen to this occasion and have been serving the customers flawlessly treating it as a national call but at the same time no one can deny that the bankers are in serious jeopardy owing to the non availability of the safety equipments.

Further, there have been quite a few reported cases where the bank officers and employees had to face the wrath of the police deployed in the streets to restrict the movement of the public without having any valid reason.

Perhaps the Police personnel were not properly counselled by the administration that our job comes under the Essential Services Maintenance Act and any restriction in our movement will act as a hindrance in rendering our services.

In view of the above stated facts, the organisation, whole-heartedly appeal to the government and the administration to initiate the Page 2 of 2 corrective measures in this regard so that the necessary safety equipments are made available to them at the earliest so that we can work without endangering ourselves to the risks associated with the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Further, SBIOA request to make sure that the bankers are not harassed anywhere by the police while commuting. Last but not the least, we also take this opportunity to congratulate each and every banker for their brave efforts in ensuring that the nation gets our service at this time of crisis said Mr  Rupam Roy general secretary SBIOA, North Eastern Circle in the press statement.


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