Pynlong ka tnad rep ka sorkar pdeng ia ka jingiathir ia ka rep Palm Oil ha Guwahati

Shillong, Risaw 05: Ia ka “National Mission on Edible Oil- Oil Palm Business Summit” la pynlong mynta ka sngi  na ka bynta ki jylla ka thain shatei lam mihngi  ha kaba la pynlong ha  Guwahati. Da kaba kynmaw ia ka jingthmu jong u Myntri [...]

U bah Ardent kum u President ba shipor ka party “Voice of the people’s Party” ha Meghalaya

Shillong, Risaw 05: Mynta ka sngi u bah Ardent M Basaiawmoit u la pynbna ba la seng ia ka party “Voice of the People’s Party” hapoh ka jingialam jong kum u president ba shipor haduh ban da register ia ka party bad ka Election Commission [...]

Ka bor kaba khlain tam dei ki paidbah, kyntu u Cornad ban pynjop MLA ia u bah Lamphrang

Shillong, Risaw 05: U Myntri Rangbah ka jylla u Conrad K Sangma u la ong ba ka kamram jong ka sorkar ka long ban iada ia ka jingim jong ki paidbah nongshong shnong, la ong ba ymd ei ban leh ei ei kaba lah ban pynmynsaw ia ki paidbah nongshng [...]

Notification issued on incentives and disincentives to Vehicle Scrapping Policy

New Delhi, Oct 05: In the Vehicle Scrapping Policy, it is proposed to have a system of incentives and disincentives to nudge vehicle owners to discard old and polluting vehicles, which have higher maintenance and fuel consumption costs. In this [...]

Ministry of Tourism to organise conference on Buddhist circuit to promote of Buddhist tourism

New Delhi,  Oct 05: The Ministry has aggressively started tourism promotion with participation of the industry stakeholders especially after the dramatic improvement of Covid situation in the country and achievement of vaccination targets.Overseas [...]

Business Summit on National Mission on Edible Oils-Oil Palm in NE states held in Guwahati

New Delhi, Oct 05: National Mission on Edible Oil- Oil Palm Business Summit for North Eastern States was held at Guwahati Today. Keeping in view the vision of the Prime minister for holistic and balanced progress of North East. The conference [...]

India’s development is incomplete without development of N.E Region: Vice President

New Delhi, Oct 05: The Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu today praised the contribution of the Indian scientific community in nation building and said that the future progress of our country rests in the hands of our able scientists. He [...]

To rejuvenate the tourism industry ‘Ghum Festival’ will be organsied  in Darjeeling Railway

Maligaon, Oct 05: In order to rejuvenate the tourism industry of Darjeeling, at the core of which lies the 150-year old world heritage Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), DHR is organizing a month-long festival named “GHUM FESTIVAL” at Ghum [...]

Ban wanrah ia ka jingkhuid ha shnong ha thaw ai tin bret niut ka KSU sha ka Nangbah PHC

Shillong, Risaw 05: Ka KSU Nangbah Unit hapoh ka jingialam jong u Samla Morningstar Pasi President,Samla Eugine Sius Hinge Secretary bad ha ka jingia don lang ki para dkhot ban wanrah ia ka jingkhuid jingsuba ka seng kala aid a ki tin bret niut [...]

Kiba la test COVID-19 positive mynta ka sngi ki don 96 ngut, khlad wei ba khlem pat ai Tika

Shillong, Risaw 05: Ka tnad ka koit ka khiah mynta ka sngi kala pyntip ba kiba la test COVID-19 positive mynta ka sngi ki don 96 ngut, kiba la koit bun eh ki dei na East Khasi Hills 64 ngut, na West Khasi Hills 13 ngut, kiba dang shitom baroh [...]
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