Indigenous knowledge shared by Gujarat farmer can combat Mastitis, an ailment of dairy cattle

New Delhi, Oct 20: Utilising indigenous knowledge system shared by a farmer from Gujarat, a poly-herbal and cost-effective medicine has been developed to treat Mastitis, an infectious disease of dairy cattle. The medicine called Mastirak Gel, [...]

The REC Limited closes US$75million SOFR linked Term Loan with SMBC from Singapore  

New Delhi, Oct 20:  In a first for any NBFC in India, REC Limited has successfully raised a USD 75 million, 5-year Secured Overnight Financing Rate (“SOFR”) linked Syndicated Term Loan on October 7, 2021, with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation [...]

The N.F Railway has started transportation of maize among other commodities through railway

Maligaon, Oct 20: The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) is making all out efforts to enhance freight traffic with a dictum of ‘Hungry for Cargo’. Northeast Frontier Railway has started transportation of maize among other commodities through [...]

The office of the DMHO of East Khasi Hills District will observe the National Deworming Day

Shillong, Oct 20: The office of the District Medical & Health Officer, East Khasi Hills will observe the National Deworming Day (NDD) programme from the 21st to 28th October, 2021 across the District. The National Deworming Day is [...]

The Tata Motors launches its annual customer-engagement program  across India

Shillong, Oct 21: Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, will celebrate ‘National Customer Care Day’ on 23rd October to commemorate the day when the first truck was rolled out from Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant in [...]

Ban pyrshah ia ka jingshah pynjot ki temple ha Bangladesh iaid paidbah ki Hindu ha Shillong

Shillong, Risaw 20: Ban pyrshah ia ka jingshah pynjulor ki Temple ha Bangladesh ha ki riew sniew, ki paid riew ngeit Hindu kiba don ha Shillong mynta ka sngi ban pynpaw ia ka jingpyrshah ia katei ka jingjia kila pynlong ia ka jingiaid paidbah [...]

Lada ia ka Them Metor la pynkylla mat ia kren ilekshon kan kyrtoh kylla ha u 2023: Pynshngian

Shillong, Risaw 20: U nongialam ka liang pyrshah hapoh jong ka Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) u bah Pynsngianlang Syiem u la ong ba u ai ka jingkyrshan ba dei ban pynkynriah ia ki nongtrei ka Shillong Municipal Board na Them [...]

Mynjur ka iing dorbar KHADC ban rah ia ka jingiashong dorbar synrai sha u Naiwieng 2021

Shillong, Risaw 20: Ka iing dorbar jong ka Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council kaba la sdang mynta ka sngi kala shim ia ka rai ban buh teng shuwa ia kane ka jingiashong shong dorbar bad rah noh ia ka sha ka 8th Naiwieng 2021. U Deputy Chairman [...]

Mynta ka sngi sdang ka Cong ban pynrung kyrteng ia ki samla sha ka IYC ha Meghalaya   

Shillong, Risaw 20: Ka party Congress mynta ka sngi kala plie ia ka jingpynrung kyrteng ia ki samla kane ka jylla sha ka Indian Youth Congress (IYC) ha kane ka jylla Meghalaya, ia kane ka jingialang la pynlong ha Congress Bhavan Shillong ha [...]

Kiba la test COVID-19 positive mynta ka sngi ki don 79 ngut ha ka jylla baroh kawei

Shillong, Risaw 20: Ka tnad ka koit ka khiah mynta ka sngi kala pyntip ba kiba la test COVID-19 mynta ka sngi ki don 79 ngut haka jylla baroh kawei kiba la test bun eh dei na East Khasi Hills 45 ngut, West Khasi Hills 23 ngut kiba dang shitom [...]
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