Union Minister Mr. Parshottam visits Assam for  reviewing Fisheries ecosystem

New Delhi, April 16: Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India, Shri Parshottam Rupala, visited the Guwahati, Assam with a vision and objective to review and strengthen the fisheries sector development [...]

Arch-Bishop Leopoldo Nuncio to India ordained  father Wilberth as Bishop of  Nongstoin Diocese

Shillong, April 16: As appointed by Pope Francis from Vatican on February 4, 2023 Fr. Wilbert Marweiñ of Nonbah Parish will be ordained Bishop of eighteen year old Nongstoin Diocese on April 16 at 10 am at Cathedral Parish Pyndengrei, where [...]

Ioh kem ki shipai BSF ia u khar Bangladesh na Dawki ryngkat ka pisa India saw lak tyngka

Shillong, Iaiong 16: Ki shipai BSF kiba don ha Dawki ha rud ka wah Umngot kila ioh ban kem wei u khar Bangladesh katba u dang mut ban rung na India sha Bangladesh, ka met jong u kila ioh ban kurup saw lak tyngka ka pisa India. Haba la ioh ban [...]

La pynkyntang Bishop ia u phadar Willbert Marwein ban peit ia ka jylla niam Nongstoin

Shillong, Iaiong 16: Mynta ka sngi la pynkyntang bishop ia u phadar Wilberth Marwein ban peit ia ka jylla niam Nongstoin da u Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli ba dei u pronuncio ba mih khmat ia ka Vatican sha India. Ia ka jingleh niam la lah khmat [...]

Kurup kwai supari 5000 kilo ki shipai BSF ba wan shallan na Bangladesh sha India

Shillong, Iaiong 16: Ki shipai BSF kiba don ha South Garo Hills District ha dien ba kila ioh ia ka jingtip ba don ba poi u kwai supari bala wan poi na Bangladesh sha ka shnong Dampukaphal, haba la ioh ia kane ka jingtip kila pynlong ia ka jingkhynra [...]

Direct rail connectivity till the religious centre Khatu Shyam Ji Shrine in Rajasthan

Maligaon, April 16: The Indian Railways has given approval to conduct Final Location Survey for direct rail connectivity to Khatu Shyam ji Shrine, the world famous religious centre situated near Ringas in Rajasthan. Every year lakhs of devotees [...]
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