Band outfit the HNLC asked Police to produce the demand note instead and make it public

Shillong, Feb 22: The general secretary of the band outfit HNLC Mr Sainkupar Nongtraw in the press statement issued today alleged that the police has fabricated as story to mislead the public about the Coke factory blast in Shallang as the FIR appear in the media.

In the press statement issued from the band outfit general secretary alleged that the police had fabricated a story to mislead the public and the media. It is purely illogical to demand for 13 crores of rupees  from a factory that is worth just a few lakhs.

The general secretary of the outfit Mr Sainkupar said that the police should produce the demand note instead and make it public. It is against their policy to make financial demands without a letter head sealed and signed by the finance secretary.

The police are desperate to divert attention from the “Benami” transaction which they have mastered by coloring the entire episode as an act of extortion. The sim card number given seems to be planted by the police in order to support the complainant.

The person Dharmu has been under their  scanner for long, due to his activities in and around Shallang area with the support of local politician  allege the HNLC . Now if the factory belongs to Robert Sohbar then why would Dharambir Bansal file a complaint.

The band outfit question who is Dharambir Bansal and what his connection with Robert Sohbar is, Can the police throw some light into this episode. The HNLC warned not to exploit people and resources. This in itself is a case of manipulation well known by the police and Dharambir Bansal .

The General secretary cum Publicity secretary of the  HNLC Mr Sainkupar claim that they are financially stable. If this is a case of extortion then why didn’t anybody file a complaint in jaintia hills coke factory.

The HNLC they  want to make it clear that this is a sheer manipulation of the businessmen and police to distort facts said Mr Sainkupar Nongtraw,General secretary cum Publicity secretary,HNLC in the press statement issued today.


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