MLFOA to collaborate with the KHADC on the propose Amendment of the I.F Act 1980

Shillong, August 03: The central body of the Meghalaya Land Forest Owners Association,(MLFOA) held a meeting to discuss the proposed amendment of the  Indian Forest Act 1927, the meeting appreciated the Forest Dept of the State, including the officials the Additional  PCCF, the CFO, DFO (T) and other officials for convening the meeting to discuss the draft Indian Forest Act 1927,

MLFOA expressed there appreciation to Bah Tienwell Dkhar, MDC, Chief Executive Member, KHADC for notifying a committee of seventeen members which includes MLA and MDC representatives from KHADC and the stakeholders from Meghalaya Land Forest Owners Association (MLFOA) and the Federation of Khasi States(FKS) to deliberate on the proposed draft Indian Forest Act 1927.

The Central Body MLFOA, decided to collaborate with the  committee constituted by the KHADC and to urge the present MDCs of the KHADC to make effort to resolve this long pending issues relating to conflict with central legislation for last 39 years since passing of the Forest Conservation Act 1980,  and till date almost all forest /wood based activity is funtioning illegally.

To urge KHADC an state government to exempt/amend these central laws on forest, biodiversity, etc.,  given the ground reality where these laws do not recognise the various types of land holding and the hundreds of cubic feet of timber  required annually in the over 3000 villages within the 54 Hima in Khasi Hills and 19 Elaka in Jaintia Hills for various wood based activities such as house construction, house repair, furniture etc.,l.

To submit a memo to the KHADC Committee on Forest relating to the draft indian forest Act 1927, after approval of the Central Body, and General Meeting of MLFOA and other like-minded associations.

To urge KHADC to follow up on the Meghalaya Assembly Resolution on exception of central Acts such as  coal Nationalisation  Act 1973, the MMDR 1957  and also to follow up on the earlier   Meghalaya Assembly Resolution on the exception of the  Forest Conservation Act 1980 passed on 13 April 2000 which was not forwarded to Delhi both resolutions seeking exemption under para 12 A (b) of sixth schedule.

That the MLFOA will collaborate with the association for quarrying under Khasi & Jaintia Hills and other like minded organisations who are all facing challenges arising out of these central legislation, which is not as per the local circumstances as it is noted that MGNREGA under C&RD dept requires hundreds of MT of boulders and chips to implement  the 100 day employment scheme while PWD also needs hundreds of MT of stone and boulders to execute and construct roads etc.

To seek clarification from the KHADC on their views as to the use of the  words lease” in the forms for mining of quarry and other similar activities and if such definition whether it is contradicting the customary ownership of land as confirmed by SC recently. and whether the KHADC should advise the Chiefs and general public to stop issuing NOC till such time all these issues are resolved.

To urge all member units of MLFOA under Khasi bad Jaintia to be prepared to assembly at short notice to get clarity from the authorities on these issues which have direct impact on ownership of land and it’s resources.

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