The NGEA demanded  State Govt to release the pending due of Rs. 45 Crores to the GHADC

Shillong, Dec 23:  NGA like to clarify and response the statement made by the Deputy Chief Minister Shri. Prestone Tynsong in various section of Media that State Government is not liable to pay the salary to the ADC, in this respect the NGEA on the earlier occasion had already been clarified that that State government is not responsible to pay the salary to the ADCs employees.

The NGEA said that the State government is very much liable to release the royalty share to the ADC but unfortunately the present MDA government is not releasing the royalty to the ADC particularly to the GHADC. It is admitted fact that the former CEM of GHADC had written three letters on the same dated.

The letter was written on the 29.09.2020 requesting the concerned department to RS.15,00,00,000/-(Fifteen Crore) from Forest Department, Rs.20,00,00.000/- from Commissioner of Transport and Rs.20,00,00,000/- total 45 Crores share of royalty is still pending with the state government but MDA government is not serious in clearing said due to the GHADC.

The NGEA further submit that we are not demanding from the MDA government to pay our salary directly we are only demanding that Royalty share of GHADC should be clear to the GHADC so that GHADC can use the said amount for payment of salary to the employees of GHADC.

The NGEA also like to question the MDA government that what prevent the MDA government from releasing the due of GHADC? its had been already about three months from the date of submission of letters requesting the government to release the due of GHADC but till date non-of the above mention departments had taken initiate to release the royalty of GHADC despite of knowing the employees had not been receiving their salary since for the past 32 months.

The NGEA  further clarify that the leaders of the NGEA and some employees had not received their salary since for 32 months of Course the GHADC has release the salary for three month in old scale but the leader of the NGEA and many other employees has refused to take the three months’ salary because they had been demanding that their salary should be pay in new scale.

It is admit that some of the employees have received their three months’ salary however there are pending salary for 29 month even for the employees who have received the three months’ salary in the old scale. Therefore they demand the MDA government to release the pending due of Rs. 45 Crores to the GHADC.

As per the RTI information received on 17.12.2020Rs. 9,00,00,000(Rupees Nine Cores) royalty Share was received from Transport Department for the year of 2019 but shockingly for the year 2020 no royalty share of amount was received from the Transport department.

The NGEA believed that there will be some share of royalty for the year of 2020 also but the MDA government is not interested in releasing the royalty share despite of knowing the fact that employees had not been getting their due salary some for 29 month and for 32 month respectively said Mr Senora Johny Arengh President of NGEA.



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