The Pro-VC, NEHU Tura assured the GSU  seat for  Garo students will be increased

Tura, August 21: The GSU CEC Tura received complaints from several quarters that there were several anomalies regarding the absorption of Garo students into the Masters Degree in various departments and the fate of the MSc. Forestry Department at NEHU Tura Campus.

The GSU had a cordial meeting with the Pro-VC, NEHU Tura Campus and during the course of the discussion some issues were enlightened upon while some issues are promised be taken care of at the earliest.

Though no formal memorandum have been submitted to the Pro-VC, Nehu Tura Campus the verbal discussion was cordial and appears to be fruitful.

The Pro-VC promised to look into the matter of the allegation that the number of Garo students absorbed into the NEHU Master Degree programs have declined and denied it should not be the case and the matter will be promptly discussed with the HODs of all the departments.

The GSU is being invited back again on the 22nd Aug’19 either to discuss with the individual HODs of various departments or with the Pro-VC himself should he be able to disengage himself or completion of it from his scheduled engagements.

The allegation that there was not a single Garo student in the MCA department is promised to be looked into and that whether eligible students have applied for the program.

Another allegation was that Garo students with more than 60 percentages who have applied for various programs have been denied admission based on the premise that their entrance exam marks was not on par as required and that students from various tribes and communities who had attained far less percentages in NEHU exams have been given admission based on their better performance in the admission entrance exam.

The Pro-VC declined it should not be the case and that the matter will be investigated and corrections in the direction will be made. Overall, it has been promised that the seats for Garo students will be extended or increased should the allegations that less number of Garo students are absorbed. The Pro-VC contended that the demand that Garo students must be given ample chance to pursue higher studies is valid

One other allegation was that the number of Garo students admitted into the newly launched MSW program was very few. The Pro-VC also promised to look into the matter and entered the possible correction that the number of seats for the Garo students will be extended. The GSU CEC, Tura has been, up till now, verbally invited to the programme to launch the MSW Department.

The Pro-VC on the matter of MSc. Forestry Department to be launched in the Nehu Tura Campus being suspended enlightened us that there will first be recruitment of faculty. The second step will be the launching of the program at NEHU Tura Campus in August 2020.The Pro-VC further informed us that BSc. Horticulture program will be launched very soon at NEHU Tura Campus.

The GSU is satisfied with the explanations provided by the Pro-VC, NEHU Tura Campus and will be re-visiting the campus on the 22ndAug’19 to get a better grip of the situation and to pursue the matter that eligible Garo students must be given ample chance to pursue higher studies.

The GSU will pursue any course of action that it deems necessary so that the Garo students are given ample opportunities to further their academic career. The GSU will be very grateful if this news is carried as an article in your esteemed dailies for the express benefit and information of the students and people of Garo Hills.

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