The IPPB services will conveniently reach the remotest places in the country: PM

New Delhi, Sept 01: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today launched the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. The function was witnessed at over 3000 locations across the country, which were connected to the [...]

Kyntu ka MSSASA ia ki nonghikai SSA ban nym ia shim bynta ha ka jingiakhih

Shillong, Nailur 01: Ha dien ba kila don ki nonghikai SSA kiba la pynbna ban pynlong ia ka jingiakhih ha ka sngi burom ki nonghikai haka san tarik mynta u bnai, na ka liang jong ka seng kmie ka  Meghalaya SSA School Association (MSSASA) kala [...]

The MSSASA appeal to all the SSA teachers in Meghalaya not to participate in the agitation

Shillong, Sept 01: Today after a group of SSA teachers announced to boycott the “Teacher’s Day Celebration” on 5 September, the SSA Teachers Union in the State the Meghalaya SSA School Association (MSSASA) Central Body came [...]

Halor ki kam pynroi ngam don jingujor, nga tieng ioh ki kam ia ki jaka Meghalaya: Sosthenes

Shillong, Nailut 01: U Bah Sosthenes Sohtun MLA jong ka Jirang u la kren shai, ha kaba ia dei bad ki kam pynroi la ki wan na ka jylla Assam ne na ka jylla Meghalaya um don jingujor ei ei ruh em, “hynrei kaei kaba nga tieng ioh ka jylla Assam [...]

Ban burom ia ka sngi kha u Major Dhyan pynlong jingialehkai kynting bol ki BSF- AR

Shillong, Nailur 01: Ban kynmaw burom ia ka sngi kha jong u Major Dhyan Chand Singh ha ka sngi burom jong ki nongialehkai ia kaba la tip kum ka “National Sports Day” ki shipai ia da khappud kila pynlong ia ka jingialehkai paralok da ka [...]

Effective Implementation of The MVA can be a Game Changer for the Development of NE India

Shillong, Sept 01: The CUTS International with the support of US Department of State and in collaboration with the Federation of Industry and Commerce for North East Region (FINER) organised a stakeholder consultation at Shillong aimed at initiating [...]