Prime Minister Mr Modi encouraged the young IAS officers to new vision and  new ideas

New Delhi, July 02: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today interacted with about 160 young IAS officers of the 2017 batch, who have recently been appointed Assistant Secretaries in the Government of India. The Prime Minister recalled [...]

Bt. cotton is the only Genetically Modified crop approved in 2002 by the GEAC: Narendra

New Delhi, July 02: The Bt. cotton is the only Genetically Modified  crop approved in 2002 by the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for commercial cultivation in the Country. Therefore, [...]

Ia khih ka MCTA ha Add Secretariat ba weng kam u nonghikai St Edmund College

Shillong, Naitung 02: ka jingiakhih kaba khlem buh por dang ki nonghikai jong ka St Edmund College hapoh jong ka Lama jong ka Meghalaya College Teachers Association (MCTA)  ban dawa na ka Governing Body jong ka St Edmund College ban thung biang [...]

La shai ka sngi yn pynbam smai u Chairman ka KHADC ia u Bah Bindo kum u MDC

Shillong, Naitung 02: Ka ophis jong u Chairman jong ka KHADC kala pynmih ia ka jingpynbna mynta ka sngi ba ka jingpynbam smai ia u MDC ba la shut hung ia u Bah Bindo M Lanong kan long la shai ka sngi ha ka por 11.00 baje mynstep ha kamra trei [...]

False propaganda by certain vested interests regarding closure of BSNL:AGM

Shillong, July 02: The Assistant General Manager marketing, of the  CGMT, NE-I Circle, BSNL, Shillong has informed that certain recent reports in some sections of the media are conveying an impression that BSNL may be closed down. The reports [...]

The MLCU Academics Office conducted a workshop on “Child Protection and Safety”

Shillong, July 02: The MLCU Academics Office in collaboration with Faith Foundation conducted a workshop on “Child Protection and Safety” on the 1st and 2nd of July 2019 in the University’s premises. The workshop was attended by 35 members [...]

Ka Seiñ Kur Dkhar Jaintia Hills, kan pynlong ia ka General Meeting ha Wapungshong

Shillong, Naitung 02: Ka Seiñ Kur Dkhar Jaintia Hills, Wapung Circle kan pynlong ia ka General Meeting jong ka, ha ka 06.07.2019, por 11:00AM, ha Community Hall (Iing Dorbar), Wapungshnong, East Jaintia Hills, na ka bynta ban pynskhem ia ki [...]

Kumno yn  ai Mining Lease ha ki jaka jong ki riewshimet katkum ka MMMC Rule,2016

Shillong, Naitung 02: Kumno  ai Mining Lease katkum ka The Meghalaya Minor Minerals Concession Rules, 2016 ha jaka ki riew shimet ngi hap shai ba uba ai Lease u dei u trai jaka.bad uba shim lease u dei u ba shu wai ia ka jaka. Kumba long [...]

La sngi nyngkong khot jingialang ka MFU ha KND Hall ha Mawkhar  halor ka jingshah ot kilo

Shillong, Jylliew 02: Ka jingialang jong ka  Executive Committee (EC), Central Body jong ka Hill Farmers Union (HFU) ka la rai ban pynlong ia ka jingialang paidbah halor ka jingot kilo ha ka 8 tarik mynta u bnai ha ka por 10.30 baje mynstep [...]

Export Promoters and officials of Agriculture, visited food industrial units, of Maharashtra

Shillong, July 02: The Directorate of Horticulture, Department of Agriculture has been sponsored by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, [...]
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