Transit of person through Shillong Agglomeration is now permitted: CVD Diengdoh

Shillong, May 03: The secretary to the Government of Meghalaya Mr CVD Diengdoh of the Political Department today has issued an order to all the Deputy Commissioner in the state to clarified of inter District movement of person in Green Zone. The [...]

Pynbna ka DC ha EKH District shibun ki kyndon ban dang khang hapoh ka District

Shillong, Jymmang 03: Ka Deputy Commissioner jong ka East Khasi Hills District mynta ka sngi kala pynjari ia ka kyndon 144 CrPC hapoh jong ka East Khasi Hills District na ka daw jong ka jinglong jong man jong u khniang jingpang COVID-19. Ban [...]

MHA control room 1930 to be utilised for resolving complaints or issues of drivers

New Delhi, May 03: In order to ensure faster resolution of the complaints and issues of the drivers and transporters on passage of goods carriers including empty trucks for interstate movement across the country during Locddown. The Union Government [...]

BSF in Meghalaya carry on COVID-19 Campaign by providing relief materials to 100 villagers

Shillong, May 03: With the country under complete lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many border villagers along the Indo-Bangladesh border have been adversely affected. The BSF ever since the lockdown in Meghalaya they took the [...]

Ka jingkynnoh ka HYC kaba bakla, u MLA bad nga ka MDC la shim khia: Kong Grace

Shillong, Jymmang 03: Ka Kong Grace Mary Kharpuri MDC jong ka Nongskhen MDC Konstitwensi kala ong ba ka jingpynrem jong ka HYC Ri War mihngi ka long kaba bakla ban ong ba u MLA bad ka MDC ki khlem leh ei ei ka long kaba khlem don nongrim. Haba [...]

Ha ka test kaba phah ar sien kaba shitom COVID-19 ha dien duh ka paw Positve: Prestone

Shillong, Jymmang 03: U Bah Prestone Tynsong symbut myntri rangbah ka jylla mynta ka sngi u la pyntip ba ha ka test kaba ar sien ia kaba shitom COVID-19 kaba khatduh la ioh ia ka report bad kala paw ba ka dang long Positive. U Symbut myntri [...]

Dang iaid sha khmat ka jingbuh ia ki mashin test COVID-19 ha Tura Civil Hospital

Shillong, Jymmang 03: U Myntri Rangbah ka jylla u Conrad K Sangma u la pyntip ba lyngba ka Twitter ba ka jingpynkhreh ia ki mashin hpoh jong ka Tura Civil Hospital na ka bynta ban test ia jingpang COVID-19 kala dang iaid sha khmat. U Myntri [...]

Bteng ki kam rep ha Meghalaya da kaba bud ia ka jingiajngai iwei ia iwei kumba la bthah

Nongpoh, Jymmang 03:  Hapdeng ka pakhang shnong ha ka ri baroh kawei namar ka jingsaphriang ka jingpang COVID-19, ki nongrep ha ka district kaba seisoh bha ka rep ka riang jong ka Ri-Bhoi Meghalaya ki dap da ka jingsngewkmen ban ioh bteng biang [...]

Deputy CM Mr Prestone inform the test report of the last COVID-19 patients is tested positive

Shillong, May 03: The Deputy Chief Minister Mr Prestone Tynsong today informed that the Government had received the report of the last patient. The virus is not yet cleared so she is tested positive again. But Tuesday they will send the sample [...]

The N.F Railway endeavour to provide help to the common masses and to boost the economy

Maligaon, May 03:  Today almost all the people around the globe are struggling to overcome the menace of Covid-19 pandemic. India is not an exception. In our country, lakhs of corona warriors are fighting at their respective levels against [...]
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