The BJP 19-South Shillong Unit, in its emergency meet condemned the side chosen by A.L Hek

Shillong, July 10: The BJP 19 South Shillong Unit, in its emergency meet held at party office at Kench’s trace, Lumshatsngi has condemned the side chosen by A.L Hek. It concluded that Hek tried to gain maximum political mileage out of it.

An incident which unfortunately happened within very secured environment was made public by a fellow party member is completely unacceptable.

Though the issue was raised by UDP’s Metbah Lyngdoh, Hek seems to be leading the charge against the very party he stands for. This double standard is highly unacceptable, and the party should look and take action on the same.

Atrocities against Christian minorities raised by Metbah Lyngdoh, was interrupted by Shullai who believed and stood by BJP’s secular national stance but Hek opposed Shullai’s claim.

It goes on to show Hek’s double standards in dividing the MDA partners and trying to bring a divide among the NEDA partners of which both BJP and UDP are a part of. Is Hek who is close to Mukul and other TMC members trying for an alternative forum?

After being dropped from the cabinet Hek seems to have lost direction. Is he trying too much beyond his means and reach which could adversely affect the BJP and its image? Is he endorsing divisive politics by portraying his own party as anti minorities? His statements are a reflection of his mindset and this is a dangerous trend against the interest of BJP which is committed to protecting the interests of the minorities not only in the state of Meghalaya but the nation as a whole. It is high time the party needs to pull up it’s act and stop Hek’s personal ambitions over party and state interests. If his views don’t concur with the party’s views he is free to wander into wilderness as his behaviour indicates to. The party needs to take into cognizance his statements and act appropriately and set an example that none is above the party and that he should be indefinitely suspended till central command takes a call on it. BJP 19 south Shillong immediately demand action against bah A.Lhek whose anti party activities has turnished the image of partyparty, said Mr. P. Sharma Vice President and convenor BJP 19 south mondal¬† and tate executive member, BJP Meghalaya Pradesh in the press statement.

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