The allegation that hospital received financial help to declare a patient as COVID-19 positive false

Shillong, Sept 25: The Commissioner and Mr Sampath Kumar Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya Health and  Family Welfare Departmenthas said that it has come to the notice of the Health and Family Welfare Department that rumours are being circulated that some healthcare institutions are exaggerating COVID-19 numbers in order to receive financial assistance.

This allegation is absolutely false and baseless. It is the responsibility of the State to ensure that diagnosis of COVID-19 is accurately made to contain the spread of the virus. The State has one of the lowest COVID-19 cases per million population across India.

This has been achieved by trying to test all those who are susceptible to COVID19. In that direction, one important category is to test those vulnerable to COVID-19 coming to hospitals also. More than ninety percent of COVID19 patients are treated only in Government Hospitals or facilities.

As such, any allegation that hospitals and healthcare centres are receiving financial help for declaring a patient as COVID-19 positive is absolutely without any basis. Citizens are requested to discourage and disengage in spreading such rumours.

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