Mr Shanbor distributed Sports materials, Cricket Jersey, Football Jersey, Cricket Ball to Sport Club

Shillong, October 09: The MCIC 19th South Shillong Constituency under the leadership of Mr Sanbor Shullai MLA cum Chairman organized a get together with representative of Colleges,Schools and Sports Clubs and Youth Welfare Organizations etc., within 19th South Shillong Constituency held at the RLSSCO Community Hall, Bishnupur Shillong, which was attended by members of all 53 committees.

Mr Sanbor Shullai-MLA, appeal to all representatives of various committees comprises of Students and  Youths to come forward as a collective responsibility to organized various sports and games to encourage and pave way to all Sports loving people for the upliftment of Sports and Games activities within the Constituency as a whole.

Mr. Shullai has also reminded that recently the newly constructed Indoor Sport Complex at Laban Sports Club was completed and inaugurated which will be a great opportunities to all College,School and Sports Club and Youth Welfare Organization to organize various Sports and Games for the benefit of Youths and Sports loving people. He has also donated and distributed Sports materials and Cricket Jersey and  Football Jersey Football and Cricket Ball to all Committees.



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