NGOs of Garo Hills asked the CEM of the GHADC to remove Rahman as Chairman of FAC

Shillong, April 17: The conglomerations of NGOs from Garo hills  today has sent a letter to the Chief Executive Member of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council Mr Dipul R Marak asking him to remove Mr Sofior Rahaman from the post of Chairman, Forest Advisory Committee in the GHADC.

The NGOs including, ADE, AYWO, FKJGP Garo Hills Zone and GSU, alleged that the MDC who is appointed as chairman of the FAC. The NGOs said that the Autonomous District Council is meant for the uplift of the indigenous tribals and the acronym GHADC authenticates an appraisal of the same.

The NGOs said that they have been demanding for a separate electoral roll for the GHADC elections and the non-participation of non-tribals in the GHADC. The majority of the Garos have given moral support in the heat of the boycott of GHADC elections in 2015.  It is a valid demand which sanctifies the cry of the people of Garo Hills against the silent invasion of Garo Hills by outsiders.

The demographic scenario of Garo Hills lends verity to the fact that the apprehension of Garo Hills facing an uphill task of protecting the land blessed to the Garo people. In spite of all these demands the MDC has been given the powers to accommodate the forests of Garo Hills.

In the letter the NGOs said that are conveying the wishes of the people of Garo Hills and want him removed from the post. We want him relieved of the current position he is holding immediately. there meeting on the 13th April 2018 at the office of the CEM, GHADC has been positive and they wish to see the follow up on the promises.

The NGOs sai that they are serious on this matter and will be willing to proceed with agitations if our peaceful and courteous discussion does not bear fruit, said Mr Tengsak G Momin president of the GSU, Mr Manseng A Sangma Chief Adviser and Mr John Miltu Sangma in the press statement issued to the media today.

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